2012-2013 Annual Report

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Preservation Standing Committee
2012-2013 Annual Report

The Preservation Committee attempted to broaden horizons this year by developing preservation resources that are available on the website. Some of these will be available as handouts at the annual meeting. The first of these was a page on Digital Preservation, followed by a Preservation Staff Awareness Guide, and finally a list of inexpensive preservation resources. Additionally, all existing resources on the website were reviewed for their relevancy and to confirm that there had not been any link rot. Items were updated or removed as necessary and some new resources were added.

The committee highlighted Preservation Week in April by sending out 3 different messages to the SIS:

  1. The inaugural Preservation Tip of the Month
  2. Preservation Trivia
  3. Announcement about the 2nd Annual Worst Book contest

The "Preservation Tip of the Month" has been sent out monthly since April 2013 and includes contact information so anyone can suggest potential topics. Topics covered this year include:

  1. The Preservation Standing Committee Website
  2. Oregon's Preservation Week display
  3. Tessella and Preservica
  4. Preservation Staff Awareness Guide

Members of the committee served on a task force with members of DALIC to update the AALL Preservation Policy. The last time the policy had been revised was in 1997. This was completed in early June and was submitted for the agenda of the AALL Board meeting in July.

During the annual meeting, the Committee will discuss ways to raise awareness about preservation.

Respectfully submitted,
Lauren Seney
College of William & Mary