Exchange of Duplicates Program

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About Exchange of Duplicates Program

The Exchange of Duplicates Program is coordinated by a volunteer from Serials Committee of the TS-SIS. The service enables libraries to exchange journals as well as other titles that are serial in nature. Funds raised through this program are used by TS-SIS to offer educational and annual conference attendance grants.


Pat Roncevich
University of Pittsburgh
roncevic [at]


See the Exchange Program FAQ for more details.

How the Program Works

In the spring of each year, the program's chair e-mails an invitation to l-lib subscribers and past participants. A $30 fee pays for both a spring and fall exchange of that year. After libraries send registration form and fee, they may send their list of duplicates to the program chair. Libraries are not required to send an offers list but may pay the fee to search and request material during the exchange. The web technician compiles all offers lists together and posts the database of offers on the web for searching. At a given time all participating libraries go to the exchange of duplicate website and request issues directly from the offering library.


  • $30/per year
  • Payment methods: Check, credit card.