Long-Time Member Profile -- Briscoe-georgia -- AALL Technical Services Special Interest Section (TS-SIS)

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TS-SIS Long-Time Member Profile:
Georgia Briscoe

Place And Date Of Birth

Spokane, Washington, March 18, 1947

Educational Background

  • B.A. Washington State University, 1968 with Distinction
  • A.M.L.S. University of Michigan, 1974
  • M.A. University of San Diego, 1985
  • M.A. University of San Diego, 1989


Mountain climbing, hiking, trail running, skiing, canoeing, reading, grandmothering.

Inspiration For Becoming A Law Librarian

The work is challenging and enjoyable. The people who work in libraries are wonderful. My mentors have been the library directors of the two main libraries of my career: Nancy Carol Carter and Barbara Bintliff.

Current Position Challenges

Juggling the many different tasks for which I am responsible, including personnel issues in the library, quality control of all products from technical services, long range planning, and running our automation system.

Prior Positions/Employment

  • Head of Technical Services at the University of San Diego Legal Research Center.

'Crazy' Non-Professional Activity

Climbing the highest mountain on five continents and most of the highest mountains in the United States

Life's Passion

Mountain climbing.

Earliest Childhood Memory

Each day from my toddlerhood to age 3, my mother took my belovedachshund, Pete, and me to the home of my German grandmother for daycare. Besides speaking very little English, this grandmother wouldn’t allow Pete into the house. (If it was very cold outside, which can happen in Spokane, Pete was allowed into the root cellar.) I have memories of this very stern grandmother, but I also remember the lemon drops she gave me and the kuchenschrank and the special dish where she kept them.

To this day, I like lemon drops, and I’m proud to own the special dish and the Kuchenschrank, which was handmade by my grandfather from old wooden fruit boxes, shortly before he died and before I was born.

Where In Five Years?

Doing the best job possible in my current library position …and still running up mountains.


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