Long-Time Member Profile -- Cindy May -- AALL Technical Services Special Interest Section (TS-SIS)

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TS-SIS Long-Time Member Profile:
Cindy May

Place And Date Of Birth

Jan. 10, 1950, Shawano, Wis.

Educational Background

  • University of Wisconsin—Madison. BA in Comparative Literature, 1972
  • MA (MLS) in Library Science, 1973


I love reading, especially fiction. I’ve been a member of a book club, the Trollope Society, since the seventies. More recently I’ve also joined a mystery book club dubbed the Mystery Sluts who meet once a month to discuss a mystery over after-work cocktails.

I’m very fond of the theater. love going to shows in Chicago and travelling to Stratford, Ontario every summer for its Shakespeare festival. I’m particularly partial to Gilbert and Sullivan.

I also enjoy travelling, although I don’t get to indulge in it as much as I would like. Last September I went on my first “medieval study tour,” an annual excursion sponsored by the University of Wisconsin Extension Department. We toured Belgium and northern France, and I’m already signed up for next September’s tour of Saxony.

Inspiration For Becoming A Law Librarian

Working in a law library made me decide to become a law librarian. I can’t imagine a better job.

Nancy Paul, the library’s Assistant Director for Technical Services and Collections, has always been my mentor. She’s been an outstanding colleague, teacher, role model, and friend.

Current Position Challenges

Keeping up with new developments and technology.

Prior Positions/Employment

I’ve worked at the University of Wisconsin Law Library since I was an undergrad, and my early, positive experience influenced my decision to become a librarian. Fun student and summer jobs included campus food service worker (i.e. dishwasher), discount store cashier, postal carrier, and night shift assembly line worker at a pickle factory.

'Crazy' Non-Professional Activity

In December I went on a Caribbean cruise with my ex-husband and his extended family (including his second wife, of course). On top of that, I have a redhead’s skin & I get seasick!

Life's Passion

I guess I would say that the arts are my number one passion. I’ve always been interested in literature, music, theater, painting, etc. Coming from a family of engineers, this hasn’t always been easy. My siblings like to lecture me on the glories of calculus; I just fight back by reciting poetry.

Earliest Childhood Memory

My family moved to a new house when I was four. I have scattered memories of scenes at the old house, but I don’t know which was first. I remember the day my baby brother arrived, and even more exciting, the day the television arrived. I remember using coal for the snowman’s eyes, delivering May Day baskets to the neighbors, and walking down the street with my father to watch the train go by.

Where In Five Years?

Deciding when and where to retire.


  • American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Member, 1977-to date
    • Technical Services Special Interest Section, Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, 2003-2004, Chair, 2004-2005, Past Chair, 2005-2006
    • Executive Board Member-at-Large, 1999-2001
    • On-Line Bibliographic Services Special Interest Section
    • Secretary/Treasurer, 1995-1997, Local Systems Committee, OCLC Committee
    • Technical Services Law Librarian, Business Manager, 1998-2005, Associate Editor, 2005-to date, Editorial Board
  • Law Librarians Association of Wisconsin (LLAW)
    • President, 1986
    • President, 1986
    • Executive Board member, 1984-to date
    • Program Committee, 1983-1985 (co-chair 1984-1985)
    • Newsletter Committee, 1982-to date (co-editor, 1989-1994)
    • Nominating Committee, 1987 (chair)
    • Public Access to Legal Information Committee, 1989-1990 (chair 1989)
    • Public Relations Committee, 1988 (co-chair)
  • Wisconsin Library Association (WLA)
  • Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians (WAAL)
    • Technical Services Section
  • Wisconsin Library Services (WiLS) Peer Council