Long-Time Member Profile -- Alice Pidgeon -- AALL Technical Services Special Interest Section (TS-SIS)

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TS-SIS Long-Time Member Profile:
Alice Pidgeon

Place And Date Of Birth

Queens, NYC; 2/3/48

Educational Background

  • B.A. 1969 Marymount Manhattan College. French.
  • M.S.L.S. 1972 Simmons College.


Reading, gardening, family history, embroidery, collecting quotes, eating out and attempting to find time for exercise. Oh, and TV! I love the home improvement and cooking shows.

Inspiration For Becoming A Law Librarian

I was looking for a job in Westchester,when I came to Pace Law for an interview. I spent some time talking to Bardie Wolfe, who intrigued me with his brilliance and homespun manner.

Bardie and his successor Nick Triffin were wonderful teachers and generous with their time and professional help. Everyone who worked at this Library in the 23 years that I have been here has been like family to me. It’s an extraordinary workplace.

Current Position Challenges

Dealing with the challenges of electronic subscriptions and databases. Give me a simple (?) book or periodical any day!

Prior Positions/Employment

I always loved books and reading and was thrilled to work at the Librarie de France in NYC right out of college. I knew French Lit inside and out and was ordering books from France and Spain for libraries and individuals. I worked with an internationally diverse staff: people from Africa, North Africa, Cuba, South America and Europe. It was fascinating and fun. And I lovedworking with ordering books.

The next step was library school where I learned that there was more to libraries than books. My first professional job was with the H.W. Wilson Co. indexing for Reader’s Guide. Where else could you get paid for reading popular magazines? I was eager however to work in an academic library and was happy to move to an Acquisitions Position at the University of New Haven, where I managed to do a little of almost everything and learn what a wonderful and varied job academic librarianship could be.

'Crazy' Non-Professional Activity

I went to a cemetery after a snowfall to find and photograph a grave for Find-a-Grave, a website that lists thousands of locations of the graves of the famous and not so famous. I nearly contracted frostbite in my toes and had to rub the snow off many gravestones to find the one I was looking for. If there were signs or plot numbers they were hidden by the snow.

Life's Passion

After my family, it would be reading mystery stories. It’s become a sickness.

Earliest Childhood Memory

Playing in our tiny apartment while my mother did housework.

Where In Five Years?

I hope that my husband and I will have time to travel when our sons are finished with their college educations. Maybe retirement, who knows? Whatever may happen, I hope to be busy with my new grandniece, with my family history research, with my garden and of course, with more mysteries. And, I hope I’ll have time to reread my favorite authors: Nevil Shute, Angela Thirkell and Patrick O’Brian.


  • ALA for 33 years
  • AALL for 23 years
  • New York Technical Services Librarians for 10 years