Long-Time Member Profile -- Katrina Piechnik -- AALL Technical Services Special Interest Section (TS-SIS)

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TS-SIS Long-Time Member Profile:
Katrina Piechnik

Photograph: Katrina Piechnik.
Current Position
Head of Technical Services
Jenkins Law Library

One can not change yesterday but only make most of today and look forward with hope toward tomorrow" - Anonymous

On this page:

Place And Date Of Birth

Born in Katowice, Poland in year … just do not guess…please.

Educational Background

  • I earned my MIS in 1982 from the University of Silesia, Poland, and … constantly learning…


Gardening, Travel, Knitting, Decorating, Outdoor living, Beautiful things.

Inspiration For Becoming A Law Librarian

My first professional job after coming to the U.S. from Poland in 1984 was at Jenkins Law Library, where I found many “silent” mentors: Regina Smith, Kathy Coon, Peggy Mahan, Sheila Walker.

Outside my institution: my Mother, my husband Andrzej, Anne Myers, Georgia Briscoe, and my neighbor William Kenny will always stay my mentors, whether they know it or not.

Current Position Challenges

fast moving pace of technological changes, and trying to stay in the loop of things, managing people in the constantly changing environment.

Prior Positions/Employment

  • Prior to joining Jenkins staff in 1984 I worked as Information Specialist in Elektrobudowa, Poland.
  • While at Jenkins I have held various positions such as Cataloger, Head Cataloger and Information Systems Librarian, becoming Head of Catalog Services in 1997, and Head of Technical Services in 2005.
  • Since 1988 I have been responsible for Jenkins' Online Catalog (JAC Plus) and actively involved in many Jenkins' Internet endeavors.

'Crazy' Non-Professional Activity

Leaving Poland right after martial law ended for 4 days excursion Rome. Our real reason was to leave Poland - Yes, finally our dream was becoming reality. It was crazy and scary at the same time. We were going into the unknown. We were lucky to meet new friends and become a success story.

Life's Passion

My Family

Earliest Childhood Memory

Loving to sing along with my mother, while she was doing household chores. I wasn’t Piechnik then.

Where In Five Years?

I’ll be working with new technologies and paying for my kids’ Colleges, mucho bucks, – welcome to America J.

I’ll be spending more time outdoors, preferably traveling with my husband (Yes Honey, I love you after all those years)


  • Innovative User Group (IUG), 1991-present
  • Innovative Law User Group (ILUG), 1994-present
  • Mid-Atlantic Innovative Users Group, 1998-present
  • American Library Association, 2003-present
  • American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), 1985-2002, 2004-present
  • Greater Philadelphia Law Library Association (GPLLA), 1985-present
  • Special Library Association (SLA), 2000-2004
  • Serial Catalogers of Philadelphia (SCOP), 1996-1999
  • Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), 1985-present