List of Law Libraries Serving Prisoners

Law Libraries Serving Prisoners is an online version of the print Directory: Law Libraries Offering Services to Prisoners . The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), Social Responsibilities Special Interest Section, Standing Committee on Law Library Services to Prisoners compiles the data. It was originally published in 1972 and was updated most recently in 1993. In April 2002, the Committee decided to update the Directory in an online format.

Law Libraries Serving Prisoners is intended as a referral source for librarians and prisoners seeking access to legal materials. Search the database for law libraries by name or location (city, state, or county). Pay special attention to what services are provided to prisoners, what costs are associated, and any special requirements of the selected law library. A web form is provided for adding new libraries to the database or updating information.

Please send any comments, suggestions, or corrections to members of American Association of Law Libraries, Social Responsibilities SIS, Standing Committee on Law Library Services to Prisoners. You can locate the current chair of the committee on the SR-SIS Leadership Page.

Thanks to the many people involved in the creation, updating, and editing of the Directory since 1972 including (in alphabetical order): Jane “Charlie” Colokathis, D.A. Divilbiss, Rich Ducey, Judith A. Flader, Arturo Flores, Jeanette Fries, Pam Gregory, Ann Hemmens, Elizabeth Holt Poe, Michael L. Renshawe, Carl Romalis, Rebecca Trammell, O. James Werner.