Cataloging & Classification Committee


The Cataloging and Classification Standing Committee addresses issues pertaining to the cataloging and classification of legal resources.

See the TS-SIS Handbook for more information about the committee.

Responsibilities of the Chair

  1. Sets the agenda and presides over the standing committee meetings held during the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Annual Meeting.
  2. Organizes the Cataloging & Classification Roundtable during AALL Annual Meeting.
  3. Submits the Annual Report and the Minutes of the AALL Annual Meeting.
  4. Serves as Ex Officio member of the TS-SIS Education Committee and solicits or submits programs and workshop proposals to the TS-SIS Education Committee.
  5. Appoints the chairs of the Descriptive Cataloging Advisory Working Group (DCAG), the Classification and Subject Cataloging Advisory Working Group (CSCAG) and the Vendor-Supplied Records Advisory Working Group (VRAG).
  6. Appoints the chair of the Heads of Cataloging in Large Libraries Roundtable.
  7. Appoints the facilitators of the Cataloging & Classification Roundtable, the New Catalogers Roundtable, and the Rare Book Cataloging Roundtable.
  8. Keeps members of the Cataloging and Classification Standing Committee informed of the activities of the working groups, committees and subcommittees.

Membership Responsibilities

Any members in good standing of TS-SIS, who express an interest in volunteering, are appointed by the chair. Members are expected to:

  1. Respond in an informed and timely manner to calls of the chair.
  2. Contribute to discussions or consultations initiated by the chair.


2016/2017 Membership Roster

(as of September 19, 2016)

John Hostage, Chair
Harvard Law Library
hostage [at]

Melissa Beck
beck [at]

Robert Bratton
George Washington University
Rbratton [at]

Virginia Bryant
George Washington University
Vbryant [at]

Judy Chalmers
Sacramento County
JChalmers [at]

Lia Contursi
Columbia Law School Library
acontu [at]

Kathy Faust
Lewis & Clark
faust [at]

Jolande Goldberg
Library of Congress
jgol [at]

Suzanne Graham
University of Georgia
srgraham [at]

Ismael Gullon
Mercer University
gullon_i [at]

Corinne Jacox
Creighton University
corinnejacox [at]

Angela Jones
Southern Methodist University
arjones [at]

Alan Keely
Wake Forest University
keelyda [at]

Cate Kellett
Yale University
cate.kellett [at]

Aaron Kuperman
Library of Congress
akup [at]

Patrick Lavey
lavey [at]

Melody Lembke, MLS
University of California-Irvine
Mlembke [at]

Yan (Clara) Liao
Library of Congress
ylia [at]

Michael Maben
Indiana University-Bloomington
Mmaben [at]

Jackie Magagnosc
Cornell Law Library
jkm95 [at]

Yael Mandelstam
Fordham University
ymandelstam [at]

Ellen McGrath
State University of New York-Buffalo
Emcgrath [at]

K. Brooke Moynihan
Michigan State University
moynihbr [at]

Keiko Okuhara
University of Hawaii
keikoohu [at]

Jean Pajerek
Cornell Law Library
jmp8 [at]

Ted Pitts
Fordham University
tpitts [at]

George Prager
New York University
pragerg [at]

Rachel Purcell
University of Florida
purcell [at]

Betty L. Roeske
bettyroeske [at]

Akram Sadeghi Pari
University of Cincinnati
akram.sadeghipari [at]

Patricia A. (Paddy) Satzer
St. Thomas University
pasatzer [at]

Patricia Sayre McCoy
University of Chicago
psm1 [at]

Karen Selden
University of Colorado
karen.selden [at]

Rita Stumps
stumps [at]

Victoria Sukhol
New York Law School
Victoria.Sukhol [at]

Larissa Sullivant
Valparaiso University
larissa.sullivant [at]

Jessie Tam
Maryland Courts
jessie.tam [at]

Christina Tarr
University of California, Berkeley
ctarr [at]

Christopher Thomas
University of California-Irvine
Cthomas [at]

Caroline Walters
Harvard Law School
cwalters [at]

Colleen Williams
University of Arkansas
ccwillia [at]

Alexis Zirpoli
University of Michigan
alexismz [at]