Vendor Supplied Records (VRAG)




  1. Assist and encourage vendors to use appropriate national cataloging standards.
  2. Provide outreach to vendors who wish to produce cataloging metadata by encouraging them to provide sample bibliographic records for evaluation, and by recommending changes and revisions as appropriate.
  3. Encourage vendors to use name, subject, and genre headings in accordance with established national and international authority files (e.g., LC/NACO authority file, Library of Congress Subject Headings, and genre/form terms from established thesauri). Encourage vendors to work with authority control vendors when appropriate.
  4. Review and evaluate supplied cataloging records, based on analysis conducted by members of the working group and/or input solicited from TS-SIS members. Publish and disseminate information about individual sets for use by the TS-SIS cataloging community.
  5. Facilitate communication between the TS-SIS community and vendors who provide bibliographic record sets. Give advice, as requested, to specific libraries on the use of specific vendor-supplied sets.

Reporting Responsibilities

  1. Submit an annual written report of the working group's activities to the chair of the Cataloging and Classification Standing Committee.
  2. Submit copies of the annual report to the TSLL newsletter editor and to the TS-SIS web manager.
  3. Give oral reports to general TS-SIS membership during the Cataloging and Classification Standing Committee meeting and/or roundtable during AALL Annual Meeting.
  4. Prepare agenda for VRAG meeting during AALL Annual Meeting.
  5. Keep chair of the Cataloging and Classification Standing Committee abreast of working group's activities.


  1. Any members in good standing of TS-SIS may apply in writing to serve during a call for volunteers made by the chair of the Cataloging and Classification Standing Committee.
  2. Members should include in their application a brief statement that includes their reasons for wanting to serve on this working group and how they can contribute to the group's work.
  3. Members are selected and appointed by the current chair of the working group, in consultation with the chair of the Cataloging and Classification Standing Committee.

Membership Responsibilities

  1. Actively contribute to the working group's responses to vendors seeking feedback on the cataloging of specific record sets and cataloging practices.
  2. Actively contribute to the working group's responses to members of the law library community requesting assistance in working with vendor records or with the vendors themselves.
  3. Actively engage in discussions initiated by any member of the working group, and contribute to the resolution of questions and concerns referred to the working group regarding vendor-supplied records.

Membership Roster

(as of December 11, 2017)

Diana Jaque, co-chair
USC Gould School of Law

Christopher Thomas, co-chair
University of California, Irvine

Nancy Babb
University of Buffalo

Virginia Bryant
George Washington University
vbryant [at]

Heather Buckwalter
Creighton University Law Library

Rachel Decker
Dale E. Fowler School of Law at Chapman University

Alan Keely
Wake Forest University

Sarah E. M. Lin, MSLIS
Reed Smith LLP
Yael Mandelstam
Fordham University School of Law
Ashlie M. Mildfelt, MLIS
University of Texas at Austin
Keiko Okuhara
University of Hawaii
Jean Pajerek
Cornell University
jmp8 [at]

Bill Sleeman
Supreme Court of the United States

Julie Stauffer
University of Chicago
gatt [at]

Linda Wen
American University
lwen [at]