Preservation Annual Reports

Preservation Committee Annual Reports

  • 2016 - 2017

    Preservation Standing Committee
    2016-2017 Annual Report

    As some committee members took on new professional challenges, the committee’s rebuilding momentum slowed slightly. Our popular initiatives continued:

    1. The winner of the 2016 Worst Book Contest was announced during the AALL Annual Meeting
    2. Preservation Tip of the Month from Celia Gavett (also posted to LIPA blog)
    3. “Preservation” column in Technical Services Law Librarian from Matthew Jenks

    Finalization of a strategic plan and an annual calendar are a priority for the chair in the coming year. The 2017 Worst Book Contest has already been announced with Travis Williams coordinating entries. The committee is reviewing the Preservation Resources page for usefulness and currency. Two members of the committee have been actively involved with the TS-SIS Committee on Standing Committees. Current members will be remaining on the committee and there is one new member.

    There will be no official on-site meeting in Chicago.

    Submitted by Sharon Bradley, Chair, 6/29/2017

  • 2015 - 2016

    Preservation Standing Committee
    2015-2016 Annual Report

    The past year, or at least since September when I became the chair, the committee has been focused on thinking more long term. Two new initiatives:

    1. Development of a strategic plan – See the draft
    2. Creating an annual calendar – See the draft
    3. Discussing the future of Stay Well-Preserved blog


    1. Finalization of the list of archivists working in law libraries and posting to AALL
    2. Continuation of the Preservation Tip of the Month which is now also posted in the LIPA blog
    3. Sponsorship of the Worst Book Contest, increase in prize money

    There will be no official on-site meeting in Chicago.

    Submitted by Sharon Bradley, Chair

  • 2014 - 2015

    Preservation Standing Committee
    2014-2015 Annual Report

    Preservation Committee members continued to focus on measures to preserve legal information and serve as a resource on preservation for the American Association of Law Libraries. This year the committee reports the following activities:


    1. Committee members served as guest preservation columnist for Technical Services Law Librarian (TSLL).
    2. Compiled a list of archivists working in law libraries; will be made available to TS members soon.
    3. Began preliminary work on documenting the committee’s history from inception to present date.


    1. Celebrated Preservation Week by putting the spotlight on conservation work; highlighted Sherri Thomas, Conservation Technician from Georgetown.
    2. Held the 4th Annual Worst Book Contest. The winner will be announced at the Annual Meeting.
    3. Continued the Preservation Tip of the Month.

    There will be no official on-site meeting in Philadelphia.

    Submitted by Maxine Wright, Chair

  • 2013 - 2014

    Preservation Standing Committee
    2013-2014 Annual Report

    The Preservation Committee has worked to maintain last year’s momentum regarding all types of preservation awareness. This year the committee:

    1. Proposed a program for the Annual Meeting that unfortunately was not accepted.
    2. Continued the Preservation Tip of the Month, celebrating its 1 year anniversary in April 2014. Additionally, an archive of prior tips was added to the TS website.
    3. Joined forces with LIPA to celebrate Preservation Week by soliciting preservation stories from membership and then sharing a story each day of the week (April 27-May 3, 2014).
    4. Held the 3rd Annual Worst Book Contest. The winner will be announced at the Annual Meeting.

    A committee meeting will be conducted in San Antonio with incoming chair Maxine Wright presiding. If available, members will also provide hands on demonstrations of preservation techniques at the LIPA table in the activities area.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Lauren Seney
    College of William & Mary

  • 2012 - 2013

    Preservation Standing Committee
    2012-2013 Annual Report

    The Preservation Committee attempted to broaden horizons this year by developing preservation resources that are available on the website. Some of these will be available as handouts at the annual meeting. The first of these was a page on Digital Preservation, followed by a Preservation Staff Awareness Guide, and finally a list of inexpensive preservation resources. Additionally, all existing resources on the website were reviewed for their relevancy and to confirm that there had not been any link rot. Items were updated or removed as necessary and some new resources were added.

    The committee highlighted Preservation Week in April by sending out 3 different messages to the SIS:

    1. The inaugural Preservation Tip of the Month
    2. Preservation Trivia
    3. Announcement about the 2nd Annual Worst Book contest

    The “Preservation Tip of the Month” has been sent out monthly since April 2013 and includes contact information so anyone can suggest potential topics. Topics covered this year include:

    1. The Preservation Standing Committee Website
    2. Oregon’s Preservation Week display
    3. Tessella and Preservica
    4. Preservation Staff Awareness Guide

    Members of the committee served on a task force with members of DALIC to update the AALL Preservation Policy. The last time the policy had been revised was in 1997. This was completed in early June and was submitted for the agenda of the AALL Board meeting in July.

    During the annual meeting, the Committee will discuss ways to raise awareness about preservation.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Lauren Seney
    College of William & Mary

  • 2011 - 2012

    2011-2012 ANNUAL REPORT

    The Preservation Column is now authored by Maxine Wright of NCCU Law School. Maxine carefully developed a preservation survey and compiled a rich bibliography of preservation titles. She has given permission for her bibliography to be shared. Copies should be available at the TS Table in Boston at the Annual Meeting.

    An informal preservation blog, Stay Well-Preserved, is located on All committee members have been sent invitations to post on Stay Well-Preserved.

    The TS Preservation Links on the website are undergoing review.

    Committee members are invited to provide preservation answers at the TS Table in Boston by searching on mobile devices.

    Resources and information have been in put at Preservation Updates at Yahoo Groups.

    The Committee meeting will be conducted before the Annual Meeting in Boston. There will be no official on-site meeting in Boston, although informal conversations are a great idea to pursue.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Sally Wambold
    University of Richmond

  • 2010 - 2011

    2010-2011 ANNUAL REPORT

    Submitted by Marilyn S. Estes, Chair

    Three programs relating to preservation will be presented at the annual AALL meeting in Philadelphia: one dealing with preserving special collections, one dealing with authenticating and preserving legal resources and another on the James Wilson’s preservation projects.

  • 2008 - 2009

    2008-2009 ANNUAL REPORT

    Submitted by Marilyn S. Estes, Chair

    As a group, the Preservation Committee has not been active in the past year. I focused mainly on acclimating myself to the Chair of Preservation Committee and all the responsibilities that comes with that position.

    I want to let you know about the following preservation-related activities at the Washington, DC meeting:

    1. TS-SIS Preservation Standing Committee/Preservation and Binding Roundtable/Committee Meeting, Monday, July 27, 2009, 10:45-11:45 a.m. Jeanne Drewes, Chief of Binding and Collection Care, Preservation Directorate, at the Library or Congress will present: “Conceptual issues on Preservation: or next steps with Web 2.0.” Come join the discussion on Web 2.0 for preservation issues at this session. Web 2.0 the next preservation frontier, or the next preservation solution?
    2. Preserving Our Legislative Heritage: New Approaches for States, Monday, July 27, 2009, 4:00-5:15 p.m.
    3. Here’s to Your (Digital Archive’s) Good Health! Auditing and Evaluating Digital Preservation Projects, Tuesday, July 28, 2009, 9:00-10:30 a.m.

    I hope to see many of you in Washington, DC!!

  • 2007 - 2008

    2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT

    Submitted by Janice S. Anderson, Chair

    Two programs that deal with the preservation of legal material will be held at the annual AALL meeting in Portland: one on print repositories and one that presents the work of a regional group that is preserving digital material: “The Chesapeake Project: One Model for Digital Preservation.” A day-long workshop on “Managing Archive Collections” will take place on Saturday.

    The 2008 Preservation and Binding Roundtable features Mary Grenci, Interim Head and Serials Team Leader of Metadata Services and Digital Projects at the University of Oregon Libraries, who will be speaking about preserving law reviews and providing access to them through institutional repositories, and the related roles of Technical Services librarians. The Preservation Updates web site continues to be used for the posting of information about training opportunities, publications, and other announcements of interest in the area of preservation.

    The Preservation Committee Chair gave a presentation on collaborative efforts to preserve legal information at the June 2008 meeting of the Joint Study Institute that is put on by AALL, BIALL, CALL/ACBD and ALLA.

  • 2006 - 2007

    2006-2007 ANNUAL REPORT

    Submitted by Patricia Turpening, Chair

    We are coordinating the TS program, “The Next Katrina: Are You Ready?” in New Orleans with speakers Miriam Childs of the Law Library of Louisiana and Tony Barnes of the New Orleans Public Library. The 2007 Preservation and Binding Roundtable features Sharman Smith, Executive Director of the Mississippi Library Commission, speaking about the effects of Hurricane Katrina on Mississippi libraries. Members are posting announcements of workshops and new publications in preservation on the PreservationUpdates web site and listserv.