Membership Committee (Handbook)


The Membership Committee is appointed to facilitate TS-SIS member recruitment, retention and involvement.


The committee chair is appointed by the TS-SIS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect with the approval of the TS-SIS Executive Board. The committee chair appoints at least four other members. The members of the Membership Committee serve for a term of one year, running from one annual meeting to the next annual meeting. Committee members may be reappointed for more than one term. The Second Year Member-at-Large is ex officio.


The committee chair:

  • Assigns committee members to obtain a list of new TS-SIS members and to send them welcome materials by post and/or email. Each new TS-SIS member should receive a welcome letter, a TS-SIS brochure, and a volunteer form.
  • Assigns committee members to contact technical services librarians who are members of AALL, but not of TS-SIS, and encourage them to join the section.
  • Assists the TS-SIS Chair in answering inquiries about membership in the section.
  • Maintains the section’s supply of TS-SIS brochures.
  • With assistance from the TS-SIS Chair, revises and updates the TS-SIS brochure every three years, or as deemed appropriate by the Executive Board.
  • Serves as liaison to the AALL Mentorship Project. Assigns a committee member to solicit TS-SIS members as mentors and mentees in the AALL Mentorship Project.
  • Represents TS-SIS at the CONELL Marketplace, or delegates another committee member to do so, if necessary.
  • Coordinates activities at the TS-SIS table in the exhibit hall at the AALL annual meeting and recruits TS-SIS members to sit at the table.
  • Collaborates with the First Year Member-at-Large to secure space at the TS-SIS table for the Silent Auction.
  • Submits a written report detailing the committee’s activities to the TS-SIS Chair by June 15.
  • Reports briefly on the committee’s activities at the TS-SIS Business Meeting during the annual meeting.

Revised July 2011