Nominating Committee (Handbook)


The Nominating Committee is appointed to nominate candidates for TS-SIS elected offices.


The Nominating Committee is appointed by the TS-SIS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect in consultation with the TS-SIS Executive Board. The committee consists of a chair and at least two other TS-SIS members, and should represent different geographical regions and library types. The members of the Nominating Committee serve for a term of one year, running from one annual meeting to the next annual meeting.


The committee chair:

  • Follows the provisions of Article VII, “Nominations and Elections,” of the TS-SIS Bylaws in performing the duties of this committee. (see Related Documents I)
  • Compiles a list of potential candidates from the TS-SIS annual volunteer surveys, other committee members’ suggestions, and direct solicitation. The AALL annual meeting is a good place to begin this list. The list should include enough names to serve as a backup if the committee’s first choices opt not to run.
  • Encourages committee members to solicit names of possible candidates from their own experience and by talking with others.
  • Works with the committee to form a final slate of candidates. A good time to ask potential candidates if they will run is before the winter holiday season begins.
  • Ensures that all potential candidates are aware of the duties and responsibilities of the positions, especially when they aren’t particularly obvious
  • Compiles a slate of at least two candidates for each of the offices that is up for election. A new Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect and one member at large are elected every year. A new Secretary/Treasurer is elected every two years.
  • Obtains written (including email) acceptances from all candidates.
  • Submits the slate of candidates and their written acceptances to the TS-SIS Chair by January 15.
  • Obtains the following information for the ballots and sends it to the Secretary/Treasurer by March 15:
    • names, titles, and institutions of the candidates for each position as they want them to appear on the ballot
    • candidate statements outlining their interest in the position for which they are running
    • brief resumes
    • photos of the candidates.
  • After the TS-SIS Chair has notified candidates of the TS-SIS election results, sends all candidates thank-you letters for running
  • Submits a written report detailing the committee’s activities to the TS-SIS Chair by June 15.
  • Reports briefly on the committee’s activities at the TS-SIS Business Meeting.

Election deadlines

  • By January 15: Nominating Committee Chair obtains written acceptances from all candidates
  • By January 15: Nominating Committee Chair submits slate of candidates, together with written acceptances, to TS-SIS Chair
  • By March 15: Nominations by petition, along with written acceptances, must be filed with TS-SIS Secretary/Treasurer
  • By March 15: Nominating Committee Chair forwards ballot information to TS-SIS Secretary/Treasurer
  • By May 15: Nominating Committee Chair mails thank-you letters to all candidates

Revised July 2011