Electronic Discussion Forum

The TS-SIS online discussion forum provides a way for members and other information professionals to communicate with each other frequently, widely and quickly.

AALL maintains the online discussion forum for TS-SIS. A TS-SIS member is appointed as discussion forum manager for a two-year, renewable term. General information about subscribing, posting, etc. is maintained at the AALL website.

The forum is public-accessible, meaning that anyone can subscribe, though only subscribers can post messages. Members’ complete contact information is not available to non-members. The list is “auto-populated” once a year (meaning that all TS-SIS members who have supplied an e-mail address to AALL will be automatically subscribed to the list). Advertisements or promotions of any non-AALL sponsored program, service or product may be posted to the forum only once.

The discussion forum manager:

  • Advises subscribers who have questions or problems regarding use of the online discussion forum.
  • Maintains filters that prevent non-members from posting.
  • Resolves problems that may occur as a result of the annual auto-population of subscribers.
  • Contacts the appropriate personnel at AALL headquarters as needed.
  • Communicates with the TS-SIS Executive Board about issues or policies regarding the forum.
  • Reports briefly on the online discussion forum at the TS-SIS business meeting.
  • Submits a written report to the TS-SIS Chair detailing the manager’s activities according to the deadline set by the Chair each year.

Revised July 2011