The TS-SIS website is an essential resource for disseminating information about the section in a widely accessible and timely manner. TS-SIS maintains its website on AALLNET. A webmaster is appointed by the TS-SIS Chair when a vacancy occurs.

The webmaster:

  • Follow the guidelines for AALL Committee, SIS and Chapter webmasters, available on the AALL website (
  • Coordinates with the TS-SIS member at large who is designated as the webmaster liaison regarding anything to be added to, revised or deleted from the website.
  • Convenes the Web Site Advisory Roundtable at the AALL annual meeting, where interested members exchange ideas for improving the TS-SIS website.
  • Attends any other events for webmasters held during the AALL annual meeting.
  • Communicates with the TS-SIS Executive Board about issues or policies regarding the website.
  • Submits a brief annual report to the TS-SIS Chair summarizing activity on the website.

General policies and procedures:

  • New or revised content should be provided to the webmaster in electronic format.
  • Whenever possible, the webmaster will be notified in advance if time-critical content is to be added to the website.
  • The content of the website shall include: Names and contact information of current TS-SIS officers and chairs; TS-SIS Bylaws and Handbook; announcements (e.g., awards, elections, meeting schedules); reports (e.g., representatives reports, strategic plans); links to TSLL; link to the AALL’s website.
  • Any change in the scope of the website must be approved by the TS-SIS Executive Board, which would also consider whether more than one webmaster is needed for such a change.

Revised July 2011