1999 – Jolande Goldberg

The TS-SIS Awards Committee is pleased to announce that Jolande Goldberg is the 1999 recipient of the Renee D. Chapman Memorial Award for outstanding contributions in technical services law librarianship.  As Senior Cataloging Policy Specialist for Law Classification at the Library of Congress, Jolande is responsible for the development of all the new and revised  LC law classification schedules that have appeared over the last 25 years.  She is currently working on the schedules for religious law and a revision of the Roman law schedule.  Many of us know Jolande from the conference programs and workshops she has presented on the interpretation and application of the law schedules.  In the words of the writer of a nomination submitted to the Awards Committee:

“I can’t think of any of us in the law cataloging community who would not be humbled by the depth and breadth of [Jolande’s] contributions … both nationally and internationally. How many of us can really understand what kind of intellect and energy it would take to create seven complete, complex law classification schedules over the past 19 years?”

The Committee takes great pleasure in bestowing this richly-deserved award to Jolande Goldberg. The award will be presented at the Technical Services SIS business meeting at the American Association of Law Libraries’ annual meeting in Washington on Sunday, July 18, 1999.

Jean Pajerek
Chair, TSSIS Awards Committee

*Photograph taken July 13, 2003 during AALL Annual Meeting.