2012 VIP


Paul FrankPaul E. Frank is the section’s 2012 Annual Meeting VIP. He is a cooperative cataloging specialist on the Cooperative Cataloging Team (Coop Team) at the Library of Congress. Paul began his career at the Library of Congress in 1993 on the Central and Eastern European Languages Team in the Social Sciences Cataloging Division, working primarily with Russian- and Hungarian-language materials; from 1997-2002 he cataloged music on the Music and Sound Recordings Team I in the Special Materials Cataloging Division. Beginning in 2002, Paul assisted the Cooperative Cataloging Team as a “Coop Team associate” and in 2004, he joined the team as a full-time specialist. He currently works with cooperative partners participating in the SACO (Subject Authority Cooperative Program) and NACO (Name Authority Cooperative Program) components of the PCC (Program for Cooperative Cataloging).