TS-SIS Webinars

Collected here are the recordings, handouts and other files from webinars organized by the TS-SIS Professional Development Committee.


Managing & Supporting Staff Through an ILS Migration

This webinar discussed how to support and mentor staff through one of the biggest changes a library can go through. It examined the themes of labor, buy-in, training, and more.

Guest speakers for this webinar were: Jaime Taylor (Discovery & Resource Management Systems Coordinator at the University of Massachusetts Amherst), Jacob Nunnally (Assistant Director of Access & Collections Services at the Hofstra University Law Library), and Kaci Resau (E-Resources Manager at the Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai).

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Sharing is Caring: Navigating and Transitioning Shared Digital Workspaces

This webinar discussed cloud-based document management and the communicating and sharing of documents and information outside of email within the workplace and beyond. This discussion focused around the use of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

Guest speakers for this webinar were Ellen Augustiniak (Head of Collection Services at the University of California, Irvine School of Law Library) and Katharine Haldeman (Collections & Resource Sharing Librarian at the Boston University, Fineman & Pappas Law Libraries).

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Self-Care Revisited: Setting Boundaries, Creating a Balance, & Saying No

This webinar discussed creating and maintaining a work-life blend and feeling good about prioritizing yourself. While this webinar was not recorded, you may find helpful tips and informative sites in the below slide deck from the presentation. We hope you find this helpful.

Your guides on this journey were Jackie Magagnosc (Cataloging and Continuations Management Librarian at the Cornell Law Library), Colleen Williams (Head of Technical Services at the Young Law Library, University of Arkansas School of Law), and Jennifer Mart-Rice (Assistant Director of Access & Collections at the University of Iowa Law Library).

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Documentation: Downloading Our Brains for the Greater Good of the Library

This webinar discussed how to create and maintain documentation to keep things running smoothly in your library through vacancies, new hires, and every day in between. While this webinar was not recorded, you may find helpful tips and tricks in the below documentation handouts, checklists, and slide deck from the presentation. We hope you find this helpful.

Guest speakers for this webinar were Becky Bearden (Senior Serials & Metadata Librarian at the Boston University Law Library) and Elisabeth Umpleby (Head of Technical Services at the University of Connecticut Law Library).

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Going Up: Elevator Pitches to Promote the Value of TS

As budgets tighten and discussions open up, we need to be thinking about how we can maintain our seat at the table. At our webinar on Wednesday, March 31st, we discussed the elements of an elevator speech, looked at some examples, and tried our hands at crafting a pitch that was right for attendees and/or their departments. We then took the finished elevator pitches to the Management Round Table April 2021 Meeting where they took a deeper look at the drafted pitches and provided feedback and insight into polishing them up.

Guest speakers for this webinar were Alan Keely (Associate Director for Collection Services at Wake Forest University Law Library), Jackie Magagnosc (Cataloging and continuations Management Librarian at Cornell Law Library), and Jennifer Mart Rice (Head of Collection Services at the Washington and Lee University School of Law Library).

PowerPoint Slides and Feedback/Comments from Management Roundtable Discussion

Building Your Emotional First Aid Kit

As we approach the 1-year mark for many of us working from home, it’s a great time to touch base and support one another. At our webinar on Friday, February 12, 2021, we discussed tips and tools that you can add to your “Emotional First Aid Kit. ” We discussed things you can do to overcome burnout, handle stressors, and practice self-love. The idea for this topic was inspired by an episode of Brené Brown’s podcast: Brené with Emily and Amelia Nagoski on Burnout and How to Complete the Stress Cycle.

Guest speakers for this webinar were Alexis Zirpoli (Serials Librarian at the University of Michigan Law Library), Annie Mellott (Acquisitions Librarian at the Loyola Law School Los Angeles, William M. Rains Library), and Jennifer Mart Rice (Head of Collection Services at the Washington and Lee University School of Law Library).

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From Task Management Apps to Accessible Training and Procedures: Tools & ADA Compliant Tech for Teleworking Librarians

The transition from F2F to a virtual work environment has brought many challenges to libraries, particularly in the TS department. On December 2, 2020, this webinar took a task-focused approach to utilizing “out of the box” technology to create a game plan and accomplish tasks within the TS department, both as a supervisor and as a team member. Additionally, we will discuss how these tools can be ADA compliant and how to approach and work with your staff who may need technology accommodations.

Guest speakers for this webinar will be Rachel Evans, the Metadata Services & Special Collections Librarian at the University of Georgia Law Library, and Mari Cheney, Assistant Director for Research & Instruction at Lewis & Clark Law School Boley Law Library.

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Library systems migrations have ramped up drastically as the rising cost of library materials and management lead many to switch with an eye towards the cost and staff savings. Even the smoothest of migrations have consequences that make it seem like there is no end in sight to the errors and issues.  Turning a library system on a dime and fitting it into a new paradigm is complicated, stressful, and can seem nearly impossible (and that is when it goes well!). Still, there can be a silver lining to system migration!  During this open, honest, (and possibly therapeutic) discussion on July 27, 2020, Karen Scoville of the Ross Blakley Law Library at Arizona State University and Liz Graham of the University Of Maryland Carey School Of Law shared their experiences and talk about the unique issues law libraries experience as they transition to a new platform.

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Within LC’s Law Cataloging Section, there has always been training specifically to meet the needs of the section.  In its current form, the video training is highly LC-Centric, and integrates descriptive, subject, and classification, unlike typical LC and PCC training, which focuses on single aspects in isolation.  It also includes enough discussion of substantive law and legal history so that a cataloger without a law degree will understand enough legalese to function professionally as a law cataloger. On July 28, 2020, Aaron Kuperman, Acting Section Head of LC’s Law Cataloging Section, outlined the existing LC training so that the law cataloging community can consider if this already existent curriculum should be adopted for general use, and how.  This session will be of interest to those desiring to learn more about training opportunities for catalogers.

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