WP Cheat Sheet



To adjust order or add missing pages:

  • Appearance > Menus
  • If page is already in menu structure, just drag and drop the preferred positions
  • If page needs to be added, in pages box, search and select and click on Add to Menu
  • Drag and drop in the appropriate location

Side Rail

To adjust page order:

  • Pages > All Pages
  • Find the pages to move, and drag and drop


  • Edit the page and change sort order in Page Attributes

To Change the parent:

  • Change parent page in Page Attributes


See Style Guide

Image Naming Convention

Homepage & Banners

All start with location on website:

  • HP – Home page
  • LP – Landing page
  • IP – Inner Page

Followed by section

  • About Us
  • Community


  • MGAM – Member-Get-a-Member Program
  • AMXX – Annual Meeting followed by year [AM18]


Home Page

The main advertisement on the home page is a special case and uses a site origin widget to be displayed. To show that ad:

  • Drag in a row under the Banner row.
  • Give the row a class of ‘light-graybox’
  • Drag a SiteOrigin Editor Widget into the new row
  • Inside the widget, add an image 728px by 90px
  • Click on the image in the editor and make a hyperlink out of it by clicking on the insert link button to enter URL

Side Rail

Side rail advertisements are created in the Advertisments post type in the left-hand dashboard and are shown on the left navigation.

  • Categories are used by ads to determine which ads are on a page.
    • By default, all ads categorized by ‘featured’ are shown on every page with a side-navigation (not homepage or landing pages). Other categories are used to mark some pages, but not all, for ads that relate to the subject in some way.
      • Feature ads include:
        • Paid advertisements
        • House ads for major initiatives including:
          • AALL Annual Meeting registration
          • Member renewals
      • Other categories include:
        • Membership – includes MGAM, special promos, etc.
        • In-Person Education – for Leadership Acadment, Management Institute, Competitive Intelligence, etc.
  • When editing a page with a side navigation, on the right-hand side, is a category area. Selecting a category will display all matching ads and ‘featured’ ads regardless if  ‘featured’ is selected or not.

Change Side Rail Ad display order

Sort order is determined by the date of the ad, with the newest ad at the top of the side rail.

To change order, the date of the ad must be edited.

  • Advertisements > All Advertisements
  • Quirk Edit
    • Change the date