• Archives Committee

    Heather Kushnerick, Chair
    Travis Williams
    William Sleeman

  • Education Committee

    Charge: Solicit, review, submit and rank proposals for Annual Meeting educational programming, including regular programs, workshops, roundtables and other educational opportunities.

    Laura Ray, Chair
    Warren Billings
    Bailey Eagin
    Stacy Etheredge
    Joel Fishman
    Kurt Metzmeier
    Mark Podvia
    Michael Widener
    Austin Williams

  • Executive Committee

    Christine Anne George, Chair
    Linda K. Tesar, Vice Chair/Chair-Elect
    Frederick Dingledy, Immediate Past Chair
    Ryan Greenwood, Secretary/Treasurer

  • Morris L. Cohen Student Essay Competition Committee

    Charge: Determine policies and procedures for the competition, publicize the competition, review essays and select a winner each year.

    Timothy Kearley, Chair
    Warren Billings
    Laurel Davis
    Ryan Greenwood
    Rob Mead
    Mark Podiva
    Laura Ray
    Janet Sinder

  • Newsletter Committee

    Charge: Responsible for writing and soliciting content for the LHRB-SIS Newsletter, published three times per year.

    Kasia Solon Cristobal, Editor-in-Chief
    Mark Podvia, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus
    Noelle Sinclair, Exhibits Column Editor
    Linda Tesar, Acquisition News Editor
    Michael Widener, Member News Column Editor
    Melissa Hyland, Contributor
    Heather Kushnerick, Contributor
    Lena Rieke, Contributor
    Austin M. Williams, Contributor

  • Outreach Committee

    Charge: Manage and implement LHRB’s promotional activities at Annual Meetings, including event planning, the LHRB table, signage, and other initiatives relating to LHRB outreach.

    Karen Wahl, Chair
    Elizabeth Hilkin
    LHRB-SIS Vice Chair, ex officio
    Ryan Greenwood
    Kasia Solon Cristobal
    John Nann
    Sabrina Sondhi
    Karen Wahl

  • Publications Committee

    Charge: Spearhead, review, and provide advice about print and electronic publication projects of the LHRB-SIS. Also responsible for compiling and mounting on the LHRB-SIS website an e-journal consisting of featured articles and book reviews from the Newsletter: “Unbound: A Review of Legal History and Rare Books.”

    Mark Podvia, Chair
    Kurt X. Metzmeier, Articles Editor
    Joel Fishman, Ph.D., Book Review Editor
    Ryan Greenwood, Assistant Book Review Editor
    Stacy Etheredge
    Noelle Sinclair

  • Rare Book Cataloging Roundtable Committee

    Charge: Organize and manage the Rare Book Cataloging Roundtable at the Annual Meeting, working with the Outreach Committee where necessary to publicize the event.

    Julie Griffith, Chair
    Akram Sardeghi Pari
    Robert Steele
    Sarah Yates