Diversity in the Legal Information Profession Resources



A majority of these articles are written by members of the Black Law Librarians SIS. Articles are sorted from newest to oldest.

Diversity & Inclusion Resource Guide, AALL Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Information for law libraries who are developing or researching policy, programs, and/or initiatives concerning diversity and inclusion. Updates are ongoing.

Voices Across the Spectrum / Combating Systemic Racism, AALL Spectrum. Author Andre Davison  share how compassion, empathy, and reaching out to others are key to addressing discriminatory implicit bias. Article is from Nov/Dec 2020. ^

Perspectives: My Personal Experiences with Systemic Racism, AALL Spectrum.  Member Errol Adams shares his perseverance in the face of racial injustice. Article is from Sept/Oct 2020. ^

Technology, Diversity, and Adaptation, AALL Spectrum. Members/Presenters Anne Robbins, Ryan Overdorf, Gayle Lynn-Nelson, Maribel Nash, and Joyce A. McCray Pearson discuss the 2010 Diversity Symposium. Article is from Sept/Oct 2010.^

Voices Across the Spectrum: How Law Libraries Can Help Tell the Black Lives Matter Movement’s Story, AALL Spectrum. Members Phebe E. Huderson-Poydras and Ronald E. Wheeler share how law librarians can share the Black Lives Matter movement. Article is from Sept/Oct 2020.^

Claiming Our Diversity, Celebrating Our Common Ground, AALL Spectrum. Authors Victoria De La Torre and Marcelo Rodriguez discuss how AALL’s Latino Caucus promotes diversity and inclusion and creates educational, networking, and visibility opportunities for Latino members and others. Article is from May/June 2020.^

The Law Librarian Pipeline, David Whelan: Explorations With Information and Technology. Author David Whelan shares ideas for creating a more diverse candidate pool. Article is from October 31, 2019.*

Continuing the Conversation on Diversity & Inclusion, AALL Spectrum. Authors Nicole P. Dyszlewski, Zanada Joyner & Joshua Laporte tackle issues of diversity, equality, and implicit bias. Article is from September/October 2019.^

Navigating Law Librarianship While Black: A Week in the Life of a Black Female Law LibrarianLaw Library Journal. Authors Shamika D. Dalton, Gail Mathapo, and Endia Sowers-Paige share their experiences, feelings, thoughts, and reactions to racial microaggressions as Black female law librarians. They tell their stories vicariously through a fictitious character named Monique Stevenson. While the accounts are based on actual events and interactions, they altered the details to avoid identifying our colleagues and students. Article is from Summer 2018.^

Diversity Dialogues: Incorporating Race into Your Legal Research Class, Law Library Journal. Author Shamika Dalton examines ways to incorporate a discussion of race into legal research courses, and suggests a number of hypotheticals to use in creating “teachable moments.”. Article is from Fall 2017.^

“The History of AALL Diversity: A Highly Selective and Abbreviated Account of Key Initiatives and Individuals”, Law Library Conversations. Author Frank G. Houdek wrote an essay telling the story of AALL diversity for the podcast.

Embracing a Rich Diversity, AALL Spectrum. Author Shamika Dalton provides insights on promoting diversity within organizations and law librarianship. Article is from February 2015.^

Practicing Reference… Race and the Reference Librarian, Law Library Journal. Author Mary Whisner examines how race arises in the day-to-day work of law librarians, and discusses how law librarians can foster cultural competence and create more welcoming environments in diverse institutions. Article is from Fall 2014.^

Diversity Dialogues… Let’s Talk About Race, Law Library Journal. Author Ronald E. Wheeler examines numerical and anecdotal data indicating that efforts to promote racial and ethnic diversity within AALL and the profession are beginning to show positive results. Article is from Spring 2014.^

AALL Diversity Redelineated, Law Library Journal. Author Ronald Wheeler discusses various ways to experience different types of diversity in law librarianship. Article is from Winter 2014.^

Into the Breach with AALL’s Diversity Committee, AALL Spectrum. Authors Michele A. Lucero and Beau Steenken discuss law libraries’ struggle to achieve diversity goals. Article is from February 2013.^

Addressing the “Emerging Majority”: Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Law Librarianship in the Twenty-First Century, Law Library Journal. Author Alyssa Thurston evaluates the implications that a progressively diverse population poses for law librarianship, reasons for low levels of diversity among law librarians, as well as past and suggested efforts within the profession to increase diversity. Article is from Summer 2012.^

Diversity Dialogues… Diversity in the Profession, Law Library Journal. Author Raquel J. Gabriel discusses definitions of diversity and the importance of defining it within the context of the profession. Article is from Spring 2010.^

A New Look at Diversity, AALL Spectrum. Author Nichelle J. Perry looks at how AALL caucuses and committees find common ground at AALL’s Diversity Symposium. Article is from Sept/Oct 2009.^

Profiling Minority Law Librarians: An UpdateLaw Library Journal. Authors Rhea Ballard-Thrower, Dwight King, and Grace M. Mills provide a 2007 update of a survey of minority law librarians first conducted in 1992. It offers a recent profile of our minority colleagues, enabling one to see how things have changed—or remained the same—over the course of fifteen years. Article is from Summer 2009.^

Speak Up for Democracy & Diversity, AALL Spectrum. Author Marie-Louise Bernal looks at the historic Law Day 2000 celebration at the Law Library of Congress. Article is from July 2000.^

Diversity Deferred, Law Library Journal. Author Joan S. Howland explores the historical antecedents of racism in the profession and their enduring impact. Article is from Fall 1998.^

Diversity in AALL—It Does Exist, Law Library Journal. Member Joyce A. McCray Pearson reflects on diversity in AALL, based on her personal observations, particularly those experienced as chair of the Committee on Diversity. Article is from Fall 1998.^

Diversity in Conflict, Law Library Journal. Author Teresa Neely reviews some of the major aspects of modem American society, analyzing how they promote or exhibit racial inequity and diversity-related unrest. Article is from Fall 1998.^

Diversity & Professional Activism: “Both and,”  Not “Either or,Law Library Journal. Author Jacqueline Ayala explains why for her diversity in the context of professional associations is not a matter of “either or” but rather participation in “both and.” Article is from Fall 1998.^

^Article is from AALL Spectrum or Law Library Journal

*Material was featured in KnowItAALL