Nominations Committee


Kincaid Brown, Chair
Gordon Russell
Tawnya Plumb
Shay Elbaum


The Nominations Committee is charged with selecting candidates for SIS elections.

The Nominations Committee is chaired by the LIT-SIS Past Chair.

Led by its chair, the committee:

  • follows the provisions of Article V, “Officers and Elections,” of the LIT-SIS Bylaws in performing the committee’s duties
  • compiles a list of potential candidates from the volunteer forms, other committee members’ suggestions, and direct solicitation
  • compiles a list of at least two candidates for each of the offices that is slated to be filled by election
  • ensures that all potential candidates are aware of the duties and responsibilities of the positions, including:
    • attending AALL provided training, either virtually or in person
    • advising potential candidates for the vice-chair position of the requirement to propose a vice-chair initiative

The chair:

  • submits the slate of candidates to the LIT-SIS Chair by January 15
  • obtains candidate biographies by March 15
  • sends copies of the candidate biographies to the Secretary/Treasurer by March 15
  • after the election, notifies the candidates of results by telephone before coordinating announcement of results
  • after the election, sends all candidates thank-you letters for running
  • reports briefly on the committee’s activities at the LIT-SIS business meeting
  • submits a written report to the LIT-SIS Chair detailing the committee’s activities according to the deadline set by the Chair each year. Also sends a copy to the Secretary/Treasurer
  • writes and/or updates documentation to pass on to the following Committee chair