DET-SIS Education


Programs are listed under more than one heading when applicable.


  • Virtual Reality in the Law Classroom (2019)
  • DET-SIS Roundtable: The Electronic Classroom on a Budget (2019)
  • Effective Educational Technology Products for VARK Learning Styles (2017)
  • Creating Interactive Videos to Enhance Instruction (2016)
  • Web Accessibility Will Be the Law:  Are You Prepared? (2015)
  • Demonstrative Evidence, Courtroom Technology, and Trial Practice (2014)
  • Using Creative Commons Licenses (2012)
  • Streaming Video and Libraries Roundtable (2011)
  • What You Need To Know About Using DVD Clips In The Classroom: Now You Can (2011)
  • Documenting the Law: Video Instruction and Documentaries in Legal Education (2010)
  • Rome: the Power of Film to Teach Foundations of Roman and Civil Law (2007)
  • Harry Potter and the Law (2007)
  • Deadwood: The Power of Film to Teach Foundations in Native American Treaty Law and U.S. Territorial Law (2005)
  • Values, Video and Vignettes: Using Video Oral History Techniques to Document the Unwritten Histories of AALL (2005)
  • Effective Visualization of Information for Teaching and Communication (2003)
  • Distance Learning: Educational Design and Applications (2000)
  • I Know You Can’t Read This Slide…: Basic Principles For Effective Visual Aids (1997)
  • Videoconferencing And Distance Learning In Law Libraries — Pragmatics And Potential (1997)
  • A to V: Almost Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Audio And Video (1987)


  • Managing a Legacy Collection:  What Do I Do With All These Microforms?  (2016)
  • Law Library Collections Post-Microform: Future Implications for the Newest Legacy Format (2012)
  • Digitizing Legal History (2012)
  • Old into New: Collaborative Law Library Digital Collections (2011)
  • Electronic Court Records: Strategies for Balancing Personal Privacy and the Public’s Right to Know (2009)
  • Mandatory Digital TV and the Evolution of Library DVD Collections (2008)
  • Preservation of Digital Information: Global Trends (2006)
  • Electronic Book Readers: Law Libraries Need A New Role (2000)
  • Microform Digitization And Imaging (1996)
  • Micrographics In The Computer Environment (1995)
  • Media Center Development: Planning Law Library Media Centers In New And Existing Facilities (1993)
  • Media Longevity: Preservation Methods For Audio, Video and Microform Materials (1992)
  • Audio And Video Cassettes — What To Buy, When To Buy: The Collection Development/Selection Issue (1991)
  • Micrographics Vs. CD-ROM Optical Discs: A Debate (1991)
  • A Mixed Bag — The Cataloging And Management Of Mixed Media (1989)
  • Protect Or Perish: The Preservation Of Non-Print Materials (1988)
  • Interactive Videodisc As An Instructional Medium: Its Use And Potential (1988)
  • The Future Of Microforms In The Optical Disk Environment (1987)


  • Creating Interactive Videos to Enhance Instruction (2016)
  • Demonstrative Evidence, Courtroom Technology, and Trial Practice (2014)
  • Manage Your Role in the Institutional Project and Communicate Your Library’s Value to the Institution:  Seven Principles for Success (2013)
  • Can the National Broadband Program create a better and faster Internet? (2011)
  • Changing Channels: How New FCC Regulations for Wireless Microphones and Wireless Broadband Affect (Almost) Everyone (2010)
  • So You Want to Make a Movie: Simple Steps for Creating Videos for Web Distribution and Vodcasting (2009)
  • Broadcasting Ethics At The Crossroads (1999)
  • In-House Video Production For Law Libraries (1989)