AALL Conference Travel Offset Project

Native American Methane Capture Travel Offset Project for 2019

Lower your impact on the planet and help improve human health by supporting the Social Responsibilities Special Interest Section (SR-SIS) travel offset project! Donate here. (You might even consider this to be your individual participation in the Paris Climate Agreement!) A $6 donation offsets a ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) – the average emissions for an AALL member’s travel to/from New Orleans, LA.

Offset Travel

The SR-SIS Committee on Environmental Sustainability is encouraging you to support our Native American Methane Capture project to lower your personal carbon footprint from travel to and from the conference. In addition to offsetting the carbon dioxide pollution created by traveling for the AALL conference, you will be helping provide jobs and income for members of the Southern Ute Tribe and eliminate over 60,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year. If you are not attending the conference, consider offsetting your vacation travel or your general footprint.

About the Project

Methane is a greenhouse gas 25 times more damaging to Earth than CO₂. This project captures methane from coal seams at the surface of the mountains. Once the leak is contained, the natural gas is redirected to existing pipelines for use by homes, businesses and schools across the reservation. The Tribe has decided to invest in this system to protect their sacred tribal lands and the world’s environment. Bottom Line: This project is NOT fracking. It turns an obvious environmental problem into a productive solution. The Southern Ute Tribe willingly accepts the responsibility to protect the environment.”  With your support, the project will continue to grow and you’ll fulfill a responsibility to protect the earth of your own!  Learn more at the Cool Effect website.

Major Project Benefits

  • offsets are very low-cost, tax-deductible, and less than 10% of your donation goes toward administrative costs;
  • the project alleviates poverty by reducing the cost of cooking fuel and creating jobs;
  • the project helps reduce respiratory illness and death

How do the Offsets Work?

Your donation helps the Tribe maintain infrastructure needed to manage the project and decreases local demand for natural gas, mitigating the need for invasive drilling elsewhere. Learn more about greenhouse gas offsets at the David Suzuki Foundation website. Learn more about Offsets at the Cool Effects website.

Project Contact: Lewis Zimmerman.

Past Travel Offset Projects

  • 2017-2018

    2018 Uganda Cook Stove Project: The Committee continued for a second year to support the Uganda Cook Stove Project again in 2018.  The project “makes and distributes cook stoves that reduce charcoal or wood use for cooking by over 50%.  It cuts carbon emissions and deforestation while providing life-changing health benefits and cost savings to local families.” Learn more about the Uganda Cook Stove project.

    2017 Uganda Cook Stove Project: “In a country where 93 percent of people cook food over toxic fires, an unexpected invention is saving both the lives of locals and the planet at large: a cook stove. By making cook stoves affordable to Ugandans, this project is reducing carbon emissions by 58 percent per household.  And just as important, it’s saving the lives of Ugandans and their families by lowering the absurd number of deaths from noxious smoke.” Learn more about the Uganda Cook Stove project.