Pre- and Post-Show Attendee List Rental

Pre- and post-registrant listings (US Mail or email) are available for rental and are for a one-time only use. The list will not include those registrants from the EU or Canada, and members who have opted-out of receiving third party communications. This exclusive opportunity is for exhibitors/sponsors only. 

  • For the pre-registrant listings, expect to receive approximately 1,000 names and addresses.
  • For the post-show registrant listings, expect to receive approximately 1,100–1,200 names and addresses.

Listings will be emailed in a Microsoft EXCEL® formatted spreadsheet. Lists are only provided once, and all orders must be accompanied by a sample of the intended mailing for AALL approval. For inquiries and more information, please contact Heather Haemker, AALL director of marketing & communications. Pre-show lists will be emailed out by June 20, 2023, for orders received by June 3. Post-show lists will be sent out by August 1, 2023.


  • Pre or Post show list: U.S. mail (only) $500 Email addresses (only) $1,000
  • Both Pre and Post show list: U.S. mail (only) $800 Email addresses (only) $1,600

*Note: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze level sponsors will receive a complimentary pre- and post- conference list of their choosing.

The deadline to submit the pre- and post-registrant listing (US mail or email) has passed.