Conference of Newer Law Librarians (CONELL)

Be Part of the Conell Class of 2024

Saturday, July 20

Held every year on the Saturday of AALL's Annual Meeting & Conference, the Conference of Newer Law Librarians (CONELL) welcomes newer AALL members by introducing them to the Association, leadership, and one another. Attendees have the opportunity to talk with representatives from AALL's committees and special interest sections to learn firsthand how to get involved and maximize the benefits of Association membership.

*CONELL is for AALL members only. You must be registered for the full conference or for a Saturday Single-Day registration.

For questions about CONELL, contact a member of the Conference of Newer Law Librarians Committee.


“This was my favorite part of the conference. The chance to have a smaller group gave it more of an involved feeling and the networking was nice.”
— 2022 CONELL Attendee

“A lot like the first week of college, everybody was ready to make friends and connections. It was a wonderful environment to be in. I made so many new friendships and "sister-ships!" The weeks before CONELL, I was dreading the idea of being thrown into a sea of strangers, especially as a librarian without a JD— I thought I would stick out like an awkward sore thumb. However, right from the start at CONELL Dine Arounds new friendships were forged EASILY, AND people like me were represented on the Leadership Panel! All these elements together successfully took mountains of pre-built anxiety off of my shoulders!”
— 2022 CONELL Attendee