Conference of Newer Law Librarians (CONELL)

Be Part of the Conell Class of 2023

Saturday, July 15

Held every year on the Saturday of AALL's Annual Meeting & Conference, the Conference of Newer Law Librarians (CONELL) welcomes newer AALL members by introducing them to the Association, leadership, and one another. Attendees have the opportunity to talk with representatives from AALL's committees and special interest sections to learn firsthand how to get involved and maximize the benefits of Association membership.

Information about CONELL at the 2023 Annual Meeting will be available early next year. For questions about CONELL, contact a member of the Conference of Newer Law Librarians Committee.

"I attended CONELL 2021 while I was finishing my MLIS degree and working part-time at the University of Arizona Law Library as a library fellow.  It was virtual, which was good and bad.  I could afford to attend (no travel, lodging, or meal expenses), but I didn’t get to meet my fellow attendees over a beer or glass of wine at the end of the day.  CONELL 2021 was a whirlwind of sessions and information.  The Leadership Q&A discussion we had about mentors was fantastic.  While I knew that not all mentoring is formal, or even long-term, the reminders that some mentors may be accidental, or just for a particular subject or question, was on point for me at that stage of my budding career.  The other point, which I needed to hear, was when making suggestions for change or presenting ideas, you must understand the whys, institutional knowledge, and/or structure before you jump in with wanting to make changes.  Ask how you are to present ideas, offer solutions, not just problems, and follow your chain of command."
— Rebecca Plevel; University of South Carolina, School of Law Law Library

"CONELL was the first program I attended at the Annual Meeting and probably the program I have found most rewarding and vital to my career. I am still good friends with a number of people from the 2003 Seattle edition of CONELL. I also use many of the tips and skills I learned there on a regular basis. While I know the shortened Annual Meeting is packed with things to do, I think CONELL should be an essential program for every first-time attendee."
—Sarah K.C. Mauldin, DeKalb County Law Library