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  • Internet Betrayal: A Tale of Woe June 18, 2019
    by Malikah Hall Last month, I attended the very first Teaching the Teachers Conference in Atlanta. Cassie DuBay’s recent post got me thinking about another highlight from the conference. Caroline Osborne at West Virginia University College of Law gave a … Continue reading →
  • Teaching the Teachers or Taylor Swift? June 13, 2019
    by Cassie DuBay It’s good to be early for things. Snagging tickets to Taylor Swift’s next tour requires diligence and dedication. Trying to attend Teaching the Teachers required the same. It was January 22, 2019, 11:58am, and I had the … Continue reading →
  • Summer Associates – Yet Again June 11, 2019
    by Caren Luckie Summer associates are a great source/inspiration for blog posts, especially for law firm librarians like me.  It’s not always complaining about them, they can be a help to overworked firm librarians and researchers. During lunch today with … Continue reading →
  • RIPS-SIS Virtual Business Meeting This Thursday, June 13! June 10, 2019
    The RIPS-SIS Virtual Business Meeting is this week, Thursday, June 13th, at 1 p.m. Central, 2 p.m. Eastern time. This is a great opportunity to hear what all of our fabulous committees have been up to over the past year and … Continue reading →
    Jamie Baker
  • Harness the Melodic Robotic Voices of Our Eventual Overlords Now to Improve Your Proofreading! June 6, 2019
    by Sarah Gotschall Maybe a person whose blog post was two weeks late shouldn’t be writing a post about workplace productivity! But then again, perhaps without my productivity breakthrough, I never would’ve signed up to write blog posts in the … Continue reading →
    Sarah Gotschall
  • What Do We Know About Federal District Judge Appointments? June 4, 2019
    by Tarica LaBossiere A while back, I was passed a specific research request from the Dean of our college of law. I was asked to compile (1) shortlists of federal judge candidates since 1980 to the Southern District of Florida … Continue reading →
  • Calling New RIPS Bloggers! Submit Materials by June 7 May 29, 2019
    Calling all those interested in blogging!  The RIPS Law Librarian Blog is searching for next year’s cast of contributors (beginning August 2019). The current blogging year has been very successful with many wonderful posts and high readership, but a few of our … Continue reading →
    Jamie Baker
  • The 9th circuit librarians conference – and why we should have smaller conferences May 28, 2019
    by Emily Donnellan I met my co-workers for the first time this month. It seems kind of strange saying that. I’ve been in my position since September. I’ve chatted with many of my co-workers via e-mail, messenger, or the phone. … Continue reading →
  • “Am I JUST a Bill?” Using Lexis Advance’s Legislative Outlook to Predict if a Bill Will Become Law May 23, 2019
    by Sarah Gostchall Recently a professor asked me which of our available online services – Westlaw Edge, Lexis Advance, or Bloomberg Law – I would recommend to track Arizona bills on a particular topic. Years have passed since I last … Continue reading →
    Sarah Gotschall
  • The Next Chapter in the Book May 22, 2019
    by Dean Duane Strojny This is it. I am at the end of three years participating in the RIPS blog. I will admit that I wasn’t sure I could fill the space or that I had anything to say that … Continue reading →