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  • Open to the Public? September 9, 2019
    As a research and instructional librarian at an academic library, my role is pretty clear: teach the students to competently research the law, help faculty with any research tasks they need help with, and, of course, other duties as assigned.  … Continue reading →
    Matt Timko
  • Leveraging Confusion in a First-Year Legal Research Course by Ditching the Textbook September 9, 2019
    Guest blog by Matthew Flyntz, Research Law Librarian for Instructional Services, UC Irvine School of Law This past summer, as I was developing the one-credit Legal Research Practicum that the librarians teach in the first year here at UC Irvine, … Continue reading →
  • Teaching Students to “Tech Like a Lawyer”: Imagining a Law Library Makerspace September 9, 2019
    I recently accepted my first full-time position as a legal reference librarian. So far, I’m off to a great start: I’ve settled into my office, I’ve fielded reference questions both mundane and complex, and I’ve managed to keep my caffeine … Continue reading →
  • Untapped resources September 3, 2019
    Law firms, and law schools, rarely lack for resources.  A law firm may not have everything that a law school has, but we generally have enough, and, frequently, more than enough, to meet the needs of our attorneys.  Use of … Continue reading →
  • This Moment in Time September 3, 2019
    Ah, back to school…A time of crisper winds, fresh faced students, and not a worry in the world. A magical time of year.  Ha. More like endless to-do lists, end of summer project panic, and finally accepting the end of … Continue reading →
  • To all of my new(er) colleagues: August 27, 2019
    To all of my new(er) Colleagues: Did you attend the D.C. AALL annual meeting as a first-timer or relative newbie? Were you lost r did you have questions? Perhaps you even heard of this thing called CONELL but don’t know … Continue reading →
  • First Day Adventures August 27, 2019
    Last week, I taught my first class of the year. My first class as a professor. A new mission unlocked! A career milestone complete! It was both exciting and nerve-racking, and I get to relive it all over again once-a-week, … Continue reading →
  • Legal Research Article Summaries August 21, 2019
    By Clanitra Nejdl As Chair of the RIPS-SIS Research Instruction Committee, it is my pleasure to announce the availability of a new resource for RIPS-SIS members and the AALL community: the “Legal Research Article Summaries” collection. Similar to the legal … Continue reading →
  • Digital Detox – My Time Away from Social Media August 20, 2019
    I’ve never considered myself addicted to social media. At best I saw myself as a casual browser. I posted rarely but I’d check it while I was watching TV, or during my lunch hour. I’ve always been generous with my … Continue reading →
  • Quick Product Exploration Through Students Research Exercises: Lexis Advance Verdict and Settlement Analyzer August 19, 2019
    The recent explosion of LexisNexis and Westlaw products available to law students is both a beautiful boon/irritating bane to legal research instructors. On the one hand, more useful stuff is…more stuff…that is useful. On the other hand, it even useful … Continue reading →
    Sarah Gotschall