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  • The Law Librarian Advisor September 18, 2018
    This year, several fellow librarians and I at Texas A&M University School of Law have volunteered to serve as faculty advisors to incoming 1L law students. After meeting with our students, we all got together and informally discussed the advice … Continue reading →
  • They’re coming! It’s New Fall Associate Season. September 13, 2018
    It’s early September, and to those of us in law firms it means that the new fall associates will start arriving soon. Fresh from law school, and hopefully rejuvenated after taking July bar exams, the NFAs are eager to start … Continue reading →
  • Implementing Opportunities for Self-Evaluation: Part 2 of 3 September 11, 2018
    By now, most of us are at least a few weeks into another Fall semester. We’ve likely gotten past the initial course introductions and are about to dive head first into the real guts of our courses (did someone say … Continue reading →
  • Destigmatizing Mental Health Talk in Law School: Reflections for a New School Year September 6, 2018
    Earlier this week, my community witnessed an undergraduate suicide. Thomas Lawrence, class of 2021, was originally scheduled to graduate in 2019. His head of college noted in a community message that Thomas had had bipolar disorder. It’s unclear whether Thomas … Continue reading →
  • One person at a time September 6, 2018
    Information god that I am, it's still a warm and fuzzy feeling to know that what I do can make a difference by helping one person at a time in this crazy, mixed-up world. Continue reading →
  • Working During the Bar Exam? Start Studying Yesterday. September 4, 2018
    As anyone that sat for any Bar Exam can attest, passing a state’s Bar is no easy feat. The Bar Exam is not simply a test of legal application, but an assessment of one’s stamina and endurance – the haze … Continue reading →
  • Let Us Not Forget About Bar Association Benefits August 30, 2018
    This weekend I was fortunate enough to travel to Austin, Texas for the POP Cats Convention. While there, I met up with a law school friend who just opened his own firm in Austin. While he has practiced law for … Continue reading →
  • Have you been working on scholarship? August 28, 2018
    Have you been working on scholarship? If you’re anything like me that simple sentence just made you cringe. By now you’re probably thinking about that promise you made to yourself; that this summer was going to be different and you … Continue reading →
  • LibGuides for Legal Research Course Websites August 23, 2018
    For many years, I used a free wiki for my administrative law research course website. It has worked perfectly fine over the years, but the site format hasn’t really changed in forever. It looked a bit dated, or maybe … Continue reading →
    Sarah Gotschall
  • Hello To A New School Year August 21, 2018
    Hello. Good morning! Bonjour. Buenos días. Howdy. While the phrase is common in many languages, it seems many people have forgotten how to say hello. The ubiquity of the smart phone has made professional pleasantries unnecessary. But are they really? With a … Continue reading →