Puron: The RIPS Penguin

Instead of passing the gavel to the new RIPS Chair each year, our outgoing Chairs pass the penguin. Puron, the RIPS Penguin, that is. A typographical error led to Puron’s 1998 debut at the AALL annual meeting in Anaheim. The sign placed on the RIPS table in the exhibit hall read “Research Instruction and Purron Services SIS.” Incoming Chair Celeste Feather thought that Purron might be a part of RIPS’s future, but in what way? Fate intervened the next day when incoming Vice-Chair Kristin Gerdy saw a full-page newspaper advertisement for Puron: the environmentally sound refrigerant. So, it seemed Puron was a cold weather sort, but what kind? Fate again played a role when Kristin went shopping and happened to find Puron - a penguin with just enough fire in his eyes to fit perfectly with RIPS.

Because he spends a year with each Chair, Puron has traveled far and wide, living in Philadelphia, Provo, Hartford, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Fort Worth, and Nashville. Of course, Puron has attended every AALL annual meeting since 1998, so he has been from coast to coast.

Puron has been busy during his time with the RIPS Chairs. Some of them have taken the time to chronicle Puron's adventures at work and at play. Select the links below to see Puron in action.

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