Briefs in Law Librarianship

From the AALL Publication Series

The Briefs in Law Librarianship (No. 56 in the AALL Publications Series), edited by Roberta Studwell, is a special series of pamphlets covering topics ranging from computer lab and reference services to law library management and administration. Sample policy and/or procedural documents accompanied by surveys outlining how law libraries have addressed a specific policy or procedure comprise the bulk of each title in this series. The briefs are available for purchase from the William S. Hein Company.

Survey on the Value of User Surveys

by Karen Storin Linitz, Caitlin Elwood, and Elena Azadbakht

Volume 16 in Series
Publication Date – 2011
ISBN: 978-0-8377-3920-5
(Hein Item #347370)

Survey on Alumni Services Offered by Academic Law Libraries

by Kim Clarke

Volume 15 in Series
Publication Date – 2010
ISBN: 978-0-8377-1899-6
(Hein Item #346020)

Survey on Law Library Liaison Services

by Matthew J. Wright

This survey was an attempt to elicit more information about how law schools are using liaison services. Seventy-two ABA-accredited law school libraries responded to the survey, and fifty schools have a formal liaison program or a designated librarian for faculty services. Part two of this Brief contains a literature review. Part three provides the text of the survey. Part four summarizes the survey data, and part five contains appendices and job descriptions.

Volume 14 in Series
Publication Date – 2008
ISBN: 978-0-8377-1404-2;
(Hein Item #337460)

Survey on Staff Development Policies

by Barbara Glennan

The survey divided respondents by how they participate in staff development policies: Those that participate in their own staff development program; those that participate in their governing organization’s staff development program; librarians that participate in both their own as well as their governing organization’s staff development program; and finally those that have no staff development program at all. In addition to the survey itself, a useful bibliography has been included to provide additional resources available to those seeking to develop or enhance their own programs.

Volume 13 in Series
Publication Date – 2007
ISBN: 0-8377-9364-5;
(Hein Item #335730)

Survey on Access and Teaching of Alternative Legal Research Using Internet Portals and Gateways

by Sarah Hooke Lee

This survey addresses the growth of courses and other methods used to expose library patrons to the tremendous number of internet-based legal resources now available. Law librarians, more than anyone, recognize the usefulness of these alternatives to traditional print sources and the established online databases. This Brief in Law Librarianship examines how much access to these alternative sources law libraries provide to their patrons.

Volume 12 in Series
Publication Date – 2006
ISBN: 0-8377-9363-7;
(Hein Item #334360)

Survey on Collection Development Polices and Selection Practices

by Vincent E. Garces

This survey looks at two basic topics in collection development: selection of law library materials and collection development policies. In focusing on selection, this survey provides a snapshot of the types of materials being collected and the selection processes being used in law libraries. Collection development has evolved over the last several decades to become an increasingly complex and challenging area of specialization in librarianship. This evolution is most evident at large academic research libraries but has impacted all libraries to varying degrees, including law libraries.

Volume 11 in Series
Publication Date – 2006
ISBN: 0-8377-9356-4;
(Hein Item #331630)

Survey on Commercial Document Delivery Practice

by David Armond

In Survey on Commercial Document Delivery Practice, David Armond surveys law librarians to discover how the plethora of Web-based information has had an impact today’s libraries and they way they operate. Armond weighs the results of an online survey completed by these librarians over three months (from May – July 2001), considering their implications on the future of the inter-library loan system. Adapted from a 1994 Association of Research Librarians survey, the Survey reflects data from 81 law libraries – 55 academic; 12 private law firms; 12 federal, state or county courts and 2 corporate members. Survey data includes names of the commercial document suppliers used; patron groups having

Volume 10 in Series
Publication Date – 2005
ISBN: 0-8377-9352-1;
(Hein Item #331630)

Survey on Circulation Practice and Procedures

by Marc Silverman

Perhaps no other area of library policy-making has been as subject to local variation as circulation. While many areas of library operation work within the bounds of regional or national standards, circulation policies and procedures are often tailored to fit the specific needs of the institution. In addition, circulation is traditionally the most personal of library operations (next to reference), since it involves a face-to-face transaction. Because different types of law libraries serve varying audiences, this publication contains the results of three surveys, each uniquely suited to the type of library: academic; law firm; and county, court, and state. In all, more than 130 libraries responded to the surveys, which revealed some interesting trends in circulation practice.

Volume 9 in Series
Publication Date – 2004
ISBN: 0-8377-9324-6
(Hein Item #331370)

Survey on Licensing

by Linda Tashbrook

Survey on Licensing attempts to identify the “grappling” that goes on in license negotiation and management. Its purposes are to identify the separate responsibilities that libraries have arranged for the different aspects of license handling and to ascertain the licensing issues that impact those libraries. While this survey is not an analysis of the best way to handle licenses, it is a solid foundation from which to study the evolution of licenses and their impact on the law library profession. As a result, Tashbook’s work will prove helpful to any librarian that deals with license agreements.

Volume 8 in Series
Publication Date – 2004
ISBN: 0-8377-9323-8
(Hein Item #331130)

Survey on Law Library Reorganizing and Restructuring

by James Milles

Using information obtained from the 33 law libraries that responded to his survey, Milles helps provide a clearer picture of the various library structures, incorporating documentation such as vision or mission statements and organizational charts in his work. Due to his efforts, Survey on Law Library Reorganizing and Restructuring is a valuable aid for anyone hoping to become familiar with ongoing organizational change in today’s law library.

Volume 7 in Series
Publication Date – 2003
ISBN: 0-8377-9322-X
(Hein Item #330230)

Survey on Food and Drink in Law Libraries

by Jessie L. Cranford

This survey answers the age-old question of how other law libraries administer their food and drink policies. It outlines the common restrictions placed on allowing food and drink in the law library and lists the most common and significant problems libraries face in enforcing food and drink policies. Over 105 surveys were returned by academic, firm, and government libraries. Sample policies from a variety of law libraries are included. This document should prove useful to any law librarian struggling with the question of how to enforce food and drink policies.

Volume 6 in Series
Publication Date – 2002
ISBN: 0-8377-9321-1
(Hein Item #328280)

Survey on Electronic Reserves

by Cathy Cochran

This survey provides a discussion of the types of information resources law schools place in electronic reserve collections, the types of software packages used to mount e-reserves, and problems that institutions have encountered in doing so. Forty law libraries responded to the survey questions and two libraries sent samples of the types of items they place in their e-reserve collections. The information in this document will prove useful to any librarians planning to implement and administer electronic reserve collections.

Volume 5 in Series
Publication Date – 2002
ISBN: 0-8377-9320-3
(Hein Item #327520)

Survey on Electronic Reference

by Scott Childs

A growing number of library patrons are utilizing e-mail to contact reference librarians in our nations law libraries. This title discusses the plans that many firm, court, and academic libraries are putting in place to implement e-reference. The survey explores how law libraries are planning for, using, and promoting electronic reference services.

Volume 4 in Series
Publication Date – 2001
ISBN: 0-8377-9319-X
(Hein Item #325960)

Survey on Emergency Preparedness Planning

by Christopher Anglim

Based on a 1997 survey, this volume gathers information that will help law libraries identify deficiencies in their emergency preparedness plans. Information that will help law libraries identify key factors in planning for emergencies is also included.

Volume 3 in Series
Publication Date – 2000
ISBN: 0-8377-9318-1
(Hein Item #324880)

Survey on Legal Research Instruction

by Gary L. Hill

This book offers timely information about legal research courses and Lexis and Westlaw training in all types of law libraries. The information in this title will prove useful to anyone involved in planning or providing legal research instruction.

Volume 2 in Series
Publication Date – 1998
ISBN: 0-8377-9316-5
(Hein Item #323030)

Survey on Job Descriptions

by Patricia A. Cervenka

This book offers timely information about the use of job descriptions in all types of law libraries. The information this title will prove useful to anyone responsible for writing new or more comprehensive job descriptions, evaluating personnel, or aligning new jobs (or old) with law library goals and objectives.

Volume 1
Publication Date – 1997
ISBN: 0-8377-9315-7
(Hein Item #323020)