Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Rubric for Proposal Review

The Annual Meeting Program Committee will evaluate all submitted proposals using the following rubric:

Relevance of Topic:

  1. How important, timely, and vital is the topic to information professionals?  10 pts.
  2. How innovative, original or creative is the topic (has it been done before)? 5 pts.
  3. Is the topic adaptable to a variety of library settings?  5 pts.
  4. Will the participant be able to implement some action or think in new ways after attending this session?  10 pts.
  5. How well does the program fit into one of the identified subject areas?  5 pts.
Relevance Subtotal – 35 pts.

Program Description:

  1. Is the program description clear and well-defined?  5 pts.
  2. Does the plan for engagement include specific and effective strategies? 5 pts.
  3. If identified, does the proposed speaker have sufficient expertise to address the topic?  If the speaker is not identified, is the description of the type of speaker who will be solicited specific, realistic, and adequate? 5 pts.
Description Subtotal – 15 pts.

Grand Total:  50 pts.

During their evaluation of all submitted proposals, AMPC members will not see the names and institutions of any participants identified in the proposal. AALL strives to offer exceptional learning opportunities with knowledgeable and skilled presenters. Please note that if your program is accepted, AALL and the AMPC reserve the right to make adjustments to the program to ensure that the best program is delivered, from promotion to production. To facilitate this, a member of the AMPC will be assigned to each program, and will work closely with the coordinator and presenters.