About Us

The Academic Law Libraries Special Interest Section (ALL-SIS) was approved by the AALL Executive Board at the July 1979 annual meeting in San Francisco. The purpose of the Section is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information on academic law libraries and to represent its members interests and concerns within the Association. See AALL’s charge to ALL-SIS.

Join and Volunteer

As the second largest SIS in AALL, ALL-SIS provides ample opportunities to get actively involved in various areas of academic law librarianship. ALL-SIS exists to promote and advance academic law librarianship topics and interests. It addresses issues affecting those who work in academic law libraries. Whether you are a director, a reference librarian, a cataloger, or a computer specialist, you will gain tremendous benefits from joining ALL-SIS.

Newer Law Librarians

ALL-SIS provides an annual grant to a newer law librarian to attend CONELL, the AALL Conference of Newer Law Librarians. The grant covers the cost of CONELL registration and a hotel room for one night. The purpose of the CONELL Grant is to promote participation by newer academic law librarians in AALL and the ALL-SIS.


The AALL Annual Meeting & Conference provides many venues for ALL-SIS networking. ALL-SIS holds a Reception & Award Ceremony at the Annual Meeting, usually hosted at a local academic law library, providing members opportunities to connect or reconnect with colleagues around the country. It is also a great way to meet new members and tour an academic law library. Programs, workshops, and roundtable discussion events add to the networking possibilities.


Representing diverse needs and addressing a broad range of topics, ALL-SIS sponsors educational programs and workshops during the AALL Annual Meeting. ALL-SIS also sponsors meetings and workshops that address issues affecting academic law library directors, middle managers, and newer academic law librarians.


ALL-SIS honors section members who have contributed to enhancing academic law librarianship.

ALL-SIS Newsletter

ALL-SIS members are kept well informed of activities and resources through the ALL-SIS Newsletter, published three times a year. The newsletter includes a report from the chair, articles written by section members, and official AALL announcements. It also serves as a tool to voice our concerns, share ideas, as well as recount experiences that benefit section members, and to celebrate professional milestones in Member News.

ALL-SIS Community

Official ALL-SIS announcements, AALL news, and important subjects of discussions are communicated through the ALL-SIS community on the My Communities platform in AALLNET. When you join ALL-SIS, you are automatically added to the ALL-SIS community.

To adjust your subscription profile or notification settings, visit AALL My Communities at http://community.aallnet.org/ and choose Profile under your login identity in the upper right corner.

To ensure that you receive messages from your AALL communities, you should also add the following email addresses to your whitelist or safe senders list: DoNotReply@connectedcommunity.org and Mail@ConnectedCommunity.org.


Members gain the most benefits from active involvement in SIS activities. ALL-SIS has many standing committees, which provide members with limitless volunteering opportunities and a chance to contribute to the betterment of law librarianship.

If you work in an academic law library or want to become an academic law librarian, consider joining ALL-SIS. And to maximize your benefits, volunteer and make a difference.

How to Join ALL-SIS

To join any of the American Association of Law Libraries Special Interest Sections you must be an AALL Member. Not a member yet? Join AALL here.

Cost of an ALL-SIS membership is only $20.00/year. If you are already an AALL member and would like to join ALL-SIS, click here for an SIS Application.