Collection Development Resources on the Web

This collection of resources is designed to be of use both to new collection development librarians as well as those with a great deal of experience.  It includes listservs, blogs, journals, newsletters, databases and collection development related web sites, and represents resources regularly consulted by current members of the ALL-SIS Collection Development Committee.  We are always interested in adding new resources to this list that might benefit its users, so please contact the current ALL-SIS Collection Development Committee Chair if you have  a recommendation.

ACQNET-L is a moderated listserv in which acquisitions librarians and others interested in acquisitions work for all material types may exchange information and ideas, and find solutions to common problems.  While this listserv is not limited to law librarians, the topics covered are typically relevant to the work of collection development and acquisitions librarians in law libraries.

Association for Library Collections and Technical Services—Collection Management & Development Section
Comprised of nearly 5,000 members from across the United States and 42 countries from around the globe, ALCTS is the premier resource for information specialists in collection development, preservation, and technical services. We are the leader in the development of principles, standards, and best practices for creating, collecting, organizing, delivering, and preserving information resources in all forms.

Against the Grain (Table of contents only)
Against the Grain is your key to the latest news about libraries, publishers, book jobbers, and subscription agents. It is a unique collection of reports on the issues, literature, and people that impact the world of books and journals. ATG is published on paper six times a year, in February, April, June, September, and November and December/January.

American Libraries (Partial content)
The official magazine of the American Library Association.

Ariadne (Full content: Internet issues for librarians and information specialists)
Ariadne is a Web magazine for information professionals in archives, libraries and museums in all sectors. Since its inception in January 1996 it has attempted to keep the busy practitioner abreast of current digital library initiatives as well as technological developments further afield. It concentrated originally on reporting in depth to the information community at large on progress and developments within the UK Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib), covering matters such as information service developments and information networking issues worldwide. It now additionally reports on newer JISC-funded programmes and services as well as developments in the field of Museums, Libraries and Archives within the UK and abroad.  RSS feeds are available from this site.

Books In Print
Books in Print is a listing by title, by author, and by subject of every book currently listed by most major publishers as being currently in print in the United States.  Entries typically include a summary of the book, ISBN’s, links to the publisher’s web site and book reviews if available.  While a basic version of Books in Print is available free of charge, most academic and public libraries maintain a subscription to Books in Print.

Chronicle of Higher Education’s Weekly Book List (Partial Content)
The Chronicle of Higher Education’s weekly book list is a great tool for keeping up with new scholarly titles.  It’s a subscription resource, but most academic institutions maintain a subscription.  A print version of the weekly book list is found in the Chronicle Review.

D-Lib Magazine (Full content; electronic only)
D-Lib Magazine is a solely electronic publication with a primary focus on digital library research and development, including but not limited to new technologies, applications, and contextual social and economic issues. The magazine is currently published six times a year.  RSS feeds are available from this site.

Electronic Resources and Collection Analysis—Northwestern University Libraries
While some of the resources on this page are specific to NUL, many are wonderful sources for best practices and general education in the acquisition and maintenance of electronic resources in libraries.

Foreign Collection Development Blog
A blog that discusses new titles and current issues in collection development for law librarians who collect foreign and international law at their institutions.  RSS feeds are available from this site.

Journal of Electronic Publishing (Full content; electronic only)
The Journal of Electronic Publishing (JEP) is a forum for research and discussion about contemporary publishing practices, and the impact of those practices upon users. Our contributors and readers are publishers, scholars, librarians, journalists, students, technologists, attorneys, retailers, and others with an interest in the methods and means of contemporary publishing. At its inception in January 1995, JEP carved out an important niche by recognizing that print communication was in the throes of significant change, and that digital communication would become an important–and in some cases predominant–means for transmitting published information.  RSS feeds are available from this site.

This is a law library acquisitions e-mail list.  While this list doesn’t have too much traffic, all the items posted to it are directly related to collection development and acquisitions in law libraries.  RSS feeds are available from this site.

Law Library Blogs and Blogs by Law Librarians or Law Library Associations—compiled by Bonnie Shucha
Bonnie Shucha of the University of Wisconsin Law Library has created a fantastic repository of links to existing blogs related to all aspects of law librarianship.  Several of the blogs, associations, and librarians featured in this list can provide a connection to information about or professionals involved in collection development.

Law Library Journal (Full content)
The Law Library Journal has been the “official” publication of the Association since 1908. It is published quarterly and distributed to members directly.

Law Library Resource Xchange – Librarian Resources Portal (Full content; electronic only) is the premier free, independent, one person produced Web journal dedicated to providing legal, library, IT/IS, marketing and administrative professionals with the most up-to-date information on a wide range of Internet research and technology-related issues, applications, resources and tools. With more than 130,000 unique readers each month, LLRX is now in its 12th year of continuous publication, as a solo, independent enterprise.  RSS feeds are available from this site.

Library of Congress Information Bulletin (Full content)
The Library of Congress Information Bulletin is distributed free of charge domestically as well as overseas to members of Congress; public, academic and research institutions; learned societies and allied organizations; and to the more than 1,000 depository libraries in the United States. Its mission is to report on the policies, programs and events of the Library to an audience of more than 12,000.

Library Philosophy and Practice (Full content; electronic only)
Library Philosophy and Practice (LPP) is a peer-reviewed electronic journal that publishes articles exploring the connection between library practice and the philosophy and theory behind it. These include explorations of current, past, and emerging theories of librarianship and library practice, as well as reports of successful, innovative, or experimental library procedures, methods, or projects in all areas of librarianship, set in the context of applied research.  RSS feeds are available from this site.

Library Quarterly (Table of contents only)
Since 1931, The Library Quarterly has maintained its commitment to scholarly research in all areas of librarianship – historical, sociological, cultural, evaluative, statistical, bibliographical, managerial, and educational.  RSS feeds are available from this site.

Managing Information Magazine (Electronic adaptation with partial content)
Managing Information’s core topics include information management, knowledge management, taxonomy, intellectual property (copyright, patents, trademarks, data protection, freedom of information), IT security, disaster recovery (information and data aspects), the internet, Web 2.0 and social media, libraries, information centres and museums.

No Shelf Required
No Shelf Required is a blog that provides a forum for discussion among librarians, publishers, distributors, aggregators, and others interested in the publishing and information industry. The discussion focuses on the issues, concepts, current and future practices of Ebook publishing including: finding, selecting, licensing, policies, business models, usage (tracking), best practices, and promotion/marketing.  RSS feeds are available from this site.

NPR Books
If I had a nickel for every great law-related book I’ve heard about on NPR, I’d be a wealthy librarian!  NPR Books is simply a great place to keep up with the newest publications as well as some fantastic classic works.  There are also a number of library patrons who listen to NPR and may be interested to know if you have the books mentioned in the collection.  RSS feeds are available from this site.

Progressive Librarian (Table of contents; partial content)
Progressive Librarian   is a forum for critical perspectives in Librarianship, featuring articles, book reviews, bibliographies, reports and documents that explore progressive perspectives on librarianship and information issues.

Serials Librarian (Table of contents with abstracts)
This title is published eight times per year and covers the many aspects of the management of serials and other types of continuing resources in all formats, with emphasis upon electronic publications

Tech Notes (Full content; electronic only)
Tech Notes are PLA publications introducing specific technologies for public librarians.  *Though this is geared toward public librarians, there are a number of resources listed that may be useful to collection development librarians in academic libraries.

Technical Services Law Librarian (Full content)
This is the quarterly newsletter of the AALL Technical Services Special Interest Section and includes information regarding all aspects of technical services, including acquisitions and collection development.

Technical Services Quarterly (Table of contents only)
Technical Services Quarterly covers current developments and future trends in computers, automation, and advanced technologies in the technical operations of libraries and information centers.

Urban Library Journal (Table of contents only)
Urban Library Journal, an open access, refereed journal of research and discussion dealing with all aspects of urban libraries and librarianship, welcomes articles dealing with academic, research, public, school, and special libraries in an urban setting.

No collection development librarian would dare to work without a shortcut or “favorite” link to Worldcat.  Simply put, Worldcat serves as a union catalog describing the holdings of libraries worldwide.  While this link will point users to a free version of Worldcat, most academic and public libraries will maintain a subscription to this service.