Student Services Website & User Guides

Entries are for ABA-approved and provisionally-approved law schools that offer student services information on their law library websites.

The organization of the entries follows the “Alphabetical School List” on the ABA Approved Law Schools website.

Links compiled November 2013
Updated June 17, 2020




California - Davis: Alumni
California - Hastings: Alumni Services
Catholic University of America: Law Library Services for Law School Alumni and Guide to Bar Examination Resources
Cleveland State: For Alumni
Columbia: Services for Alumni
Duke: Services for Law Alumni
Georgetown: Alumni Resources
Indiana - Bloomington: Alumni Services
Kansas: Bar Review Resources
Lewis and Clark: Alumni Services
Loyola - Chicago: Law Library Alumni Services Guide
Minnesota: University of Minnesota Law School Alumni
Texas: Bar Admissions Information and Materials
Tulsa: Bar Exam Help
Virginia: Use the Library – Alumni & VA Residents


Boston University: 1L Survival Guide
Catholic University of America: Law Library Resources for Academic Study Skills
Chicago-Kent: Welcome First Year Law Students
Cleveland State: C|M|LAW Students' Library Guide
Duke: Library Orientation (for J.D. students)
Duquesne: Welcome First-Year Law Students
George Mason: Resources for Legal Research for GMU Law Students (PDF)
Georgetown: For New Students
Indiana - Bloomington: 1L Resources
Northwestern: Student Guide to the Library
Oklahoma City: 1L Survival Guide
Santa Clara: 1L Guide for Orientation
Seattle: New Student Resource
Southern Illinois: Law Library Resources for First Year Law Students (PDF)
Stanford: Library Resources for Stanford Law School Students
Touro: Library Orientation Guide
Wayne State: Law Guide - 1L
Wisconsin: 1L Survival Guide
Wyoming: First Year Reading List and Legal Study Guides
William and Mary: Exams and Study Aids