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Available Grants

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The Government Law Libraries Special Interest Section ("GLL SIS") regularly offers grants to attend the AALL Annual Meeting, the Equal Justice Conference, and other conferences and events.

The following grants are available for February 2018-July 2018:

  • One (1) $2,000 grant to attend the Equal Justice Conference to be held in San Diego, CA, May 10-12, 2018.
  • Two (2) $2,000 grants to attend the AALL Annual Meeting to be held in Baltimore, MD, July 14-17, 2018. One grant is designated for a librarian with less than five years of experience; and one grant is designated for a librarian with more than five years of experience.
  • One (1) $500 travel grant to attend the 2018 AALL Annual Meeting sponsored by Dr. Joel Fishman. This grant is designated for a county law librarian.
  • One (1) grant to cover the cost of the AALL Annual Meeting registration fee. This grant is sponsored by Thomson Reuters.

*The monetary amounts of the above grants are contingent upon the continued financial health of GLL-SIS.*

Rules for Awarding Grants

  1. There is no guarantee that the Committee will make grants available every year.
  2. Membership in the GLL SIS is a prerequisite to applying for a GLL SIS grant.
  3. Grants should be awarded on the basis of: financial need, proven potential ability, promise of future contributions to the GLL SIS, and permanence in the law library profession.
  4. Grants may be withdrawn for sufficient cause by unanimous action of the Committee.
  5. Should circumstances prevent use of the grant by the recipient, the funds allocated to the grant are to be handled at the discretion of the Committee.
  6. Recipient is required to provide receipts of expenses. Receipts and a completed AALL Expense Report Form are to be sent to the Grants Committee chair within one week of the conference's conclusion.
  7. First time applicants will take priority over previous recipients. Individuals who have received a GLL SIS grant in the current or previous two Association fiscal years will not be eligible. However, an award may be presented to a previous recipient if there are fewer qualified applicants than awards available.
  8. All members of the GLL SIS are eligible to apply for grants regardless of number years of membership. However, the Committee reserves the right to designate certain grants to newer librarians (less than 5 years in the profession) or to experienced librarians (more than 5 years in the profession).
  9. Applicants must submit a copy their current resume with their application.
  10. Applicants must submit 1 signed letter of recommendation from their employer, an immediate supervisor, or a person who has first-hand knowledge of the applicant's work responsibilities. The recommendation should include information about the applicant's potential contribution to the field of law librarianship and AALL, and should also address the nature of the financial need.
  11. Those receiving an AALL Grant will be required to attend the GLL SIS business meeting/breakfast and attend at least 1 GLL SIS sponsored program during the AALL Annual Meeting.
  12. Anyone who receives a GLL SIS grant will be required to write an article about the conference, academy or institute that they attended for the GLL SIS Newsletter.
  13. Anyone who receives a GLL SIS grant will be required to serve on a GLL SIS Committee for one year.
  14. Applications that are received after the designated date and time will be discarded.