Latin American Journals & Serials

Latin American Journals and Serials

Updated by Latin American Interest Group (2023)

The FCIL-SIS Latin American Law Interest Group undertook the Latin American Law Journals and Serials Updating Project with two goals in mind: first, to identify as many legal journals and serials as possible from each Latin American jurisdiction regardless of format. Second, to enable each participating law library to add information about physical holdings and digital access for publications in their collections. Each institution would determine for itself how to reflect physical holdings and e-access.

To accomplish both goals, the FCIL-SIS Latin American Law Interest Group has updated and expanded two existing lists:

These non-comprehensive lists compile Latin American journal and serial titles in alphabetical order by the title of the publication and by jurisdiction. To create the lists, IG members consulted publication websites, research guides, Latin American legal professionals, and then contacted several U.S. academic institutions known to have substantial Latin American law collections to indicate where Latin American law journal holdings exist across the country. The hope is that more institutions will participate in this effort going forward.

The General Latin American Titles list includes major titles about Latin America region published in a variety of jurisdictions around the world. The Latin American Law Journals & Serials list is organized by the country of publication and lists journals published in individual Latin American jurisdictions that focus on diverse areas of law within each jurisdiction. Both lists map print and electronic holdings of participating U.S. institutions and provide websites for the journals.

The Latin American Interest Group welcomes ongoing contributions from libraries to add additional holdings to the lists. If you would like to contribute or suggest an additional title, please contact the chair of the FCIL-SIS Latin American Interest Group.

If you are interested in exploring the initial versions of the Latin American Journals and Serials lists, they are available via the Internet Archives, as archived on April 16, 2023.

Under the leadership of Juan Andres Fuentes, the Interest Group would like to express gratitude to all persons involved in this initiative: Bianca Anderson, Kate Britt, Juan Andrés Fuentes, Lyonette Louis-Jacques, Evelyn Ma, Michael McArthur, Maria Eugenia Naiaretti, Marcos Nelio Mollar, Javiera Núñez, Lucie Olejnikova, Maria Fernanda Penagos, Oriana Piperno, Marcelo Rodríguez, David Sánchez Velásquez, and Sergio Stone.