2023-2024 FCIL-SIS Executive Committee


Michael B. McArthur
Asst. Dir. for Access and Collection and FCIL Librarian
Duke University School of Law

Vice Chair-Chair-Elect

Caitlin Hunter
Reference Librarian
UCLA Law Library

Past Chair

Marcelo Rodriguez
Foreign, Comparative and International Law Librarian
James E. Rogers College of Law


Meredith Capps
Research Services Manager
Bradley Arant Boult Cummings

Past Officers (1985-2023)

Term Chair Secretary-Treasurer
2022-2023 Marcelo Rodriguez Caitlin Hunter
2021-2022 Hunter Whaley/Susan Gualtier Caitlin Hunter
2020-2021 Susan Gualtier Jennifer Allison
2019-2020 Loren Turner Jennifer Allison
2018-2019 Catherine Deane Sabrina Sondhi
2017-2018 Alex Zhang Sabrina Sondhi
2016-2017 Alison Shea Loren Turner
2015-2016 Lucie Olejnikova Loren Turner
2014-2015 Teresa Miguel-Stearns Roy Sturgeon
2013-2014 Donald Ford Roy Sturgeon
2012-2013 Heidi Frostestad Kuehl Lucie Olejnikova
2011-2012 Sergio Stone Lucie Olejnikova
2010-2011 Jeanne Rehberg Heidi Frostestad Kuehl
2009-2010 Marylin Raisch Heidi Frostestad Kuehl
2008-2009 Dennis Sears Heidi Frostestad Kuehl
2007-2008 Jonathan Franklin Marylin Raisch
2006-2007 Mary Rumsey Dennis Sears
2005-2006 Stephanie Burke Farne Dennis Sears
2004-2005 Mirela Roznovschi Mary Rumsey
2003-2004 Jean Wenger Mary Rumsey
2002-2003 Kenneth Rudolph Mirela Roznovschi
2001-2002 Tracy Thompson Mirela Roznovschi
2000-2001 Jean Davis Tracy Thompson
1999-2000 Katherine Topulos Tracy Thompson
1998-1999 Maria Smolka-Day Jonathan Franklin
1997-1998 William McCloy Jonathan Franklin
1996-1997 Margareta Horiba Radu Popa
1995-1996 Francisco Avalos Radu Popa
1994-1995 Lyonette Louis-Jacques Margareta Horiba
1993-1994 Jonathan Pratter Margareta Horiba
1992-1993 Milagros Rush William McCloy
1991-1992 Amber Lee Smith William McCloy
1990-1991 Janet Zagorin Lyonette Louis-Jacques
1989-1990 Tim Kearley Kurt Adamson
1988-1989 Daniel Wade Francisco Avalos
1987-1988 Ellen Schaffer Maria Smolka-Day
1986-1987 Linda Thompson
1985-1986 Claire M. Germain