Current Officers (2018-2019)

Chair Catherine Deane
Research Specialist
Shearman & Sterling LLP
Vice Chair-Chair-Elect Loren Turner
Foreign Comparative and International Law Librarian
University of Minnesota Law Library
Secretary-Treasurer Sabrina Sondhi
Director for Administrative Services
Cornell Law Library
Immediate Past Chair Alex Zhang
Head of Public Services
Robert Crown Law Library at Stanford Law School

Past Officers (1985-2018)

Term Chair Secretary-Treasurer
2017-18 Alex Zhang Sabrina Sondhi
2016-17 Alison Shea Loren Turner
2015-16 Lucie Olejnikova Loren Turner
2014-15 Teresa Miguel-Stearns Roy Sturgeon
2013-14 Donald Ford Roy Sturgeon
2012-13 Heidi Frostestad Kuehl Lucie Olejnikova
2011-12 Sergio Stone Lucie Olejnikova
2010-11 Jeanne Rehberg Heidi Frostestad Kuehl
2009-10 Marylin Raisch Heidi Frostestad Kuehl
2008-09 Dennis Sears Heidi Frostestad Kuehl
2007-08 Jonathan Franklin Marylin Raisch
2006-07 Mary Rumsey Dennis Sears
2005-06 Stephanie Burke Farne Dennis Sears
2004-05 Mirela Roznovschi Mary Rumsey
2003-04 Jean Wenger Mary Rumsey
2002-03 Kenneth Rudolph Mirela Roznovschi
2001-02 Tracy Thompson Mirela Roznovschi
2000-01 Jean Davis Tracy Thompson
1999-2000 Katherine Topulos Tracy Thompson
1998-99 Maria Smolka-Day Jonathan Franklin
1997-98 William McCloy Jonathan Franklin
1996-97 Margareta Horiba Radu Popa
1995-96 Francisco Avalos Radu Popa
1994-95 Lyonette Louis-Jacques Margareta Horiba
1993-94 Jonathan Pratter Margareta Horiba
1992-93 Milagros Rush William McCloy
1991-92 Amber Lee Smith William McCloy
1990-91 Janet Zagorin Lyonette Louis-Jacques
1989-90 Tim Kearley Kurt Adamson
1988-89 Daniel Wade Francisco Avalos
1987-88 Ellen Schaffer Maria Smolka-Day
1986-87 Linda Thompson
1985-86 Claire M. Germain