Asian Law Interest Group

Welcome to the Asian Law Interest Group! The Asian Law Interest Group provides a forum for exchange of legal information related to Asian law.  The Interest Group meets at the AALL Annual Meeting. Both FCIL and non-FCIL librarians participate in the Interest Group. We invite you to join the Asian Law Interest Group or attend the meeting at AALL, whether you work with Asian law materials on a daily basis or you are generally interest in Asian law. We also encourage you to join the FCIL-SIS Asian Law IG Discussion Group in My Communities and become part of our ongoing conversation. If you are unable to attend the annual meeting or if you have any questions about this group, its mission, or how to join, you may also reach out to the interest group chair for additional information.

To give you an idea of what to expect at the meeting, here are few examples from past meetings. In 2012 in Boston, our annual meeting included a panel discussion on the current issues and trends of East Asian law collection in academic law libraries.   At the 2013 Annual Meeting in Seattle, volunteers compiled a spreadsheet of print holdings at their respective institutional libraries in order to document the online sources of Asian law serials included in the Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals. At the 2014 Annual Meeting in San Antonio, the Asian Law Interest Group held a joint meeting with the African Law Interest Group then chaired by Victor Essien. We surveyed major African and Asian intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) in the regions and examined the role they play in fostering regional and international security, economic stability, cooperation, and social justice.

Many members of the Asian Law Interest Group are also listed on the Jumpstart Your Foreign, Comparative, and International Law Research page. The Jumpstart page connects researchers to specialists for specific jurisdictions/regions, languages, and topics. You are welcome to contact members on the List of FCIL-SIS Specialists for guidance in his or her area.

Current Project


The FCIL-SIS Asian Law Interest Group is actively involved in the planning, organizing and delivery of the 2022 Conference of the Chinese and American Forum on Legal Information and Law Librarians (CAFLL). Registration, schedule, and program information of all the zoom webinar sessions of the CAFLL 2022 conference titled Core Values & Evolving Roles of Legal Information and Legal Professionals can be found on the conference website.

Asia Legal Responses to COVID-19

This project was launched by Alex Zhang and Sherry Chen (co-chairs of Asian Law Interest Group of FCIL-SIS) on May 1, 2020. The purpose of the project is to utilize the wisdom of the crowd to capture and track primary and secondary legal resources related to Asian countries’ and jurisdictions’ legislative, regulatory and judicial responses to the COVID-19 crisis.

We are currently at Phase 1 of the project: To collect information and data through this google form: Asian Legal Responses to Covid-19 and to publish compiled data through a monthly newsletter starting in June 2020. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please contact the Asian Law IG co-chairs Alex Zhang and Sherry Chen at any time!