Asian Law Interest Group

The Asian Law Interest Group, a subject interest group under FCIL-SIS, provides a forum of exchange of legal information related to Asian law.  The Interest Group meets at the AALL Annual Meeting with the participation of FCIL and non-FCIL librarians.  Activities spinning out of recent past meetings include a panel discussion on the current issues and trends of East Asian law collection in academic law libraries, which took place at the Annual Meeting in Boston in 2012.  At the 2013 Annual Meeting in Seattle, volunteers were solicited to compile a spreadsheet of print holdings at their respective institutional libraries in order to document the online sources of Asian law serials included in Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals.

At the AALL Annual Meeting in San Antonio, the Asian Law Interest Group held a joint meeting with the African Law Interest Group chaired by Victor Essien. We surveyed major African and Asian intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) in the regions and examine the role they play in fostering regional and international security, economic stability, and cooperation as well as social justice.