Customary & Religious Law Interest Group

Welcome to CARLIG, the FCIL-SIS interest Group for the study of customary and religious law systems and the development of related legal resources. CARLIG is open to everyone, regardless of FCIL-SIS membership, and regardless of previous experience with customary or religious law systems. We encourage you to join the FCIL-SIS CARLIG Discussion Group in My Communities and become part of our ongoing conversation. If you are unable to attend the annual meeting or if you have any questions about this group, its mission, or how to join, you may also reach out to the interest group chair for additional information.


  • Get Refusal and Domestic Violence in the Jewish Community: Culturally-Competent Services from Civil & Halachic Perspectives webinar that featured Keshet Starr, Esq., Executive Director of ORA: Organization for the Resolution of Agunot and Shana Weiner, Esq., Executive Director of Dinah speakers. The program received the 2022 AALL/Bloomberg Law Continuing Education Grant. (February 2022)
  • Brody Stephen Hale, Canon Law 101 (webinar held on October 26, 2021)
  • FCIL-SIS Customary and Religious Law Interest Group (CARLIG) and the Jewish Law Librarians Caucus 2020 Joint Meeting Presenting on customary law in a variety of jurisdictions and communities. Please visit the FCIL-SIS Continuing Education Committee Event page to learn more about this event.
  • Susan Gualtier and Kelly Buchanan, “Tackling the Most Foreign of Foreign Laws:  The formation of the FCIL-SIS Customary and Religious Law Interest Group” 19 AALL Spectrum 8 (June 2015), at 22. (about CARLIG and its formation)