Electronic Research Interest Group

The Electronic Research Interest Group provides information and support to librarians on online resources of foreign, comparative and international law research. Although most of our work benefits FCIL librarians, others are welcome to use it.

In particular we maintain and update the FCIL-SIS Jumpstart pages with the list of FCIL specialists organized by subject specialties, and the FCIL Top 5 to be published in the FCIL newsletter, a new initiative to provide reviews of various international, foreign, and comparative law research resources.

As an Interest Group, of course, everyone, whether member or not, is encouraged to come to our meetings at AALL and get involved in helping to make our responsibilities a reality. We’d like to thank to all those who have worked on our efforts recently:

James Hart, Chair, (Sherry) Xin Chen, Catherine Deane, Yemisi Dina, Dennis Kim-Prieto, and Steven Perkins