Electronic Research Interest Group

The Electronic Research Interest Group (ERIG) provides information and support to librarians on electronic resources of foreign, comparative and international law research. Although most of our work benefits FCIL librarians, others are welcome to use it.

In particular, we maintain and update the FCIL-SIS Jumpstart page with a list of FCIL experts organized by subject specialties. We also review new, popular or useful electronic resources in an effort to increase and better our understanding of various FCIL related electronic resources. These reviews are published in the FCIL Newsletter starting with the October 2017 issue.

As an Interest Group, of course, everyone, whether member or not, is encouraged to come to our meetings at AALL and get involved in helping to make our responsibilities a reality. The work of our group depends on volunteers entirely and we’d like to thank all those who are currently working or have worked on our efforts.

If you are unable to attend the annual meeting or if you have any questions about this group, its mission, or how to join, you may also reach out to the interest group chair for additional information.


  • Introducing ERIG’s current & new projects
  • Read the E-Resources Reviews by members of ERIG published in the FCIL Newsletter starting in October 2017 and covering the following foreign and international resources.  An asterisk indicates an open access resource.
    • Australia legal materials in Westlaw & Lexis (May 2022)
    • China Law Translate (May 2020)*
    • Constitution Project (October 2018)*
    • ECOLEX (October 2022)*
    • Encyclopedia of Private International Law (February 2019)
    • EU legal materials in Westlaw & Lexis (October 2021)
    • EUR-Lex (February 2019)*
    • Foreign Law Guide (October 2017)
    • GlobaLex (October 2017)*
    • HeinOnline’s Multinational Sources Compared (February 2020)
    • HeinOnline’s World Constitutions Illustrated (February 2018)
    • HeinOnline’s World Treaty Library (February 2018)
    • HUDOC (May 2020)*
    • International Materials on Westlaw & Lexis: An Overview (February 2021)
    • Legislation.gov.uk (February 2023)*
    • Library of Congress, International Tribunals Archive (February 2020)
    • Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law (October 2020)
    • Max Planck Encyclopedias of International Law: Encyclopedia of Public International Law & Encyclopedia of International Procedural Law (May 2023)
    • Mechanism for the International Court of Justice Case Database (October 2021)
    • Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals Case (May 2018)*
    • Peace Palace Library, The Hague, Netherlands (May 2018)
    • United Kingdom & Ireland Materials on Westlaw & Lexis (May 2021)
    • United Nations iLibrary (October 2018)*
    • United Nations Treaty Collections (February 2018)*

* open access resource