Reynolds & Flores Publication Award

The Thomas H. Reynolds and Arturo A. Flores
FCIL-SIS Publications Award

Also known as the “Reynolds & Flores Award”, this FCIL-SIS honor is to be awarded at the AALL Annual Meeting. The Award is named after the indomitable Thomas H. Reynolds and Arturo A. Flores, the authors of the Foreign Law Guide: Current Sources of Codes and Basic Legislation in Jurisdictions of the World, better known as “Reynolds & Flores” to the many grateful FCIL Librarians who habitually use the Foreign Law Guide.

The Reynolds & Flores Award will be given to an FCIL-SIS member or members who have greatly contributed to the professional development of their AALL colleagues during any given year.  The winning “publications” may be print, digital, or electronic initiatives.  Thus, journal articles, treatises, symposia papers, digitization projects, websites, databases, and ebooks are all eligible for consideration.  The type of publication format is flexible; the decisive factor for bestowing the Award will be the degree to which the publication enhances the professional knowledge and capabilities of law librarians.

Foreign, Comparative, and International Law is fraught with challenges, many of which are consistently and ably fielded by Reynolds & Flores’ monumental Foreign Law Guide.  The Reynolds & Flores Award will encourage FCIL Librarians to continue the great work of Tom Reynolds and Arturo Flores.


Individuals may nominate themselves or others. Nominees must be a member of the Section, active or retired. Nominations may be submitted by any Section member.

All nominations must include:

  • A letter of nomination, including the candidate’s full name, title, and institution name and address. (If the candidate is retired, include name, home address, and most recent former employer);
  • A narrative supporting the nomination, including a discussion of the candidate’s contributions to the Section;
  • A curriculum vita of the candidate; and
  • The name, e-mail address and phone number of the nominating party.

Current Executive Committee members are ineligible for nomination.

The award will be presented periodically at the discretion of the Executive Committee. There is no requirement that the award be given at any particular interval.


All nominations must be received by March 15 of the year in which the award may be made. If an award is given, it will be awarded at the Annual Meeting.

Past Recipients








  • Teresa Miguel-Stears and Alison Shea, FCIL-SIS Website