Atarino A. Helieisar


Atarino HelieisarMr. Atarino A. Helieisar, recipient of the 2015 FCIL Schaffer Grant for Foreign Law Librarians, is the Chief Law Librarian of the Supreme Court of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) Law Libraries, and is responsible for overseeing the operations of its four library locations in the FSM island states of Pohnpei, Chuuk, Yap, and Kosrae. In this capacity, he ensures that the FSM Supreme Court Law Libraries provide current and comprehensive legal reference and information services to the judiciary, bar members, and the public throughout the four FSM states. Comprised of 607 islands, FSM is located in the Caroline Islands Archipelago, just above the Equator.

Proficient in the languages of Chuukese and Pohnpeian, Mr. Helieisar received his education in education and business at the College of Micronesia, and served as Library Technician (Coordinator) of U.S. government documents, UN Documents and FAO Collections at the college’s Learning Center prior to accepting his current position at the Supreme Court library in 2007. Throughout his career as a librarian, he has been an active member of IFLA, ALA, the Pacific Islands Association of Libraries, Archives and Museums (PIALA) and numerous other library associations, enthusiastically participating in regional and international meetings, often serving as an official delegate and presenter.

Anticipating AALL & Returning to FSM

Mr. Helieisar looks forward to attending the AALL 2015 Annual Meeting as an opportunity to update his knowledge of the current issues facing law libraries and their patrons, and to expanding his network of law librarian colleagues around the world. As the current President of the Pacific Islands Association of Libraries, Archives and Museums, he intends to present to its members on what he learns in Philadelphia, and to share a report on the meeting to the full readership of the PIALA listserv.


Mr. Helieisar will give a talk titled “The Federated States of Micronesia Supreme Court Law Libraries: Bridging Legal Information in the FSM States & Beyond” on July 20 at 4:30 p.m. in the Marriott Grand Ballroom Salon D. His talk will discuss the information available to legal researchers interested in FSM law, as well as the outreach efforts the library has engaged in to bring the law to the community. This event is open to the entire AALL membership.

Please join us in welcoming Mr. Atarino A. Helieisar to Philadelphia in July!

2015 FCIL Schaffer Grant Selection Committee Members: Kristina Alayan, Gabriela Femenia, Sherry Leysen (Chair), Ryan Harrington

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