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The FCIL Teaching Foreign and International Legal Research Interest Group updated this Syllabi and Course Materials Repository in the summer of 2020. Our thanks go to all contributors, including the most recent ones: Meredith Capps, Janet Kearney, Michael McArthur, Wanita Scroggs, Ken Rodriguez & Traci Emerson. We encourage you to consider contributing to this repository. Also, consider joining the FCIL-SIS Teaching Foreign, Comparative and International Legal Research IG Discussion Group in MyCommunities and become part of our ongoing conversation. If you are unable to attend the annual meeting or if you have any questions about this group, you may also reach out to the interest group chair for additional information.

Syllabi and Related Documents

Anne Burnett – University of Georgia School of Law
Fall 2010 International Legal Research Syllabus (.doc)
Meredith Capps – Vanderbilt Law School
Fall 2019 Transnational Legal Research Syllabus (.pdf)
Jean Davis and Victoria Szymczak – Brooklyn Law School and University of Hawaii
Fall 2011 International and Foreign Law Research Syllabus (.doc)
Gabriela Femenia – University of Pennsylvania Law School
Spring 2012 Research in Foreign and International Law Syllabus (.pdf)
Final Project Description (.pdf)
Thomas French – Syracuse University College of Law
Spring 2011 Topics in Foreign, Comparative and International Law Research Syllabus (.doc)
Ryan Harrington – Yale Law School
Spring 2014 Specialized Legal Research in Foreign and International Law Syllabus (.doc)
Tom Kimbrough – SMU Dedman School of Law
Spring 2011 Foreign and International Legal Research Syllabus (.doc)
Course Requirements (.doc)
In-class exercises and Discussion Board participation (.doc)
Michael McArthur – Duke Law School
Fall 2019 Research Methods in International, Foreign, and Comparative Law Syllabus (.pdf)
Marylin Raisch Georgetown University Law Center
Spring 2011 Legal Research and Communications Theory in International and Foreign Law Syllabus (.doc)
Mary Rumsey – University of Minnesota
Spring 2012 International and Foreign Legal Research Seminar Syllabus (.doc)
Interest and Experience Survey (.doc)
Lee Ryan – University of San Francisco School of Law
Fall 2013 International Advocacy and Research Syllabus (.pdf)
Deborah Schander – Georgia State University College of Law
Spring 2013 International and Foreign Legal Research Syllabus (.doc)
Wanita Scroggs – Stetson University College of Law
Spring 2020 Advanced Legal Research Syllabus (.pdf)
Fall 2014 Advanced Legal Research – International (online) Syllabus (.doc)
Alison Shea Fordham University School of Law
Spring 2013 Advanced Legal Research: International and Comparative Law Syllabus (.doc)
Roy Sturgeon – Tulane University Law School
Spring 2009 Foreign and International Legal Research Seminar (for US students)

Foreign and International Legal Research Seminar (for Chinese students)

Syllabus (.pdf)

Syllabus (.pdf)

Victoria Szymczak – University of Hawaii School of Law
Spring 2014 International and Foreign Law Research (blended) Syllabus (.pdf)
Course Requirements (.pdf)
Trinie Thai-Parker – University of Washington School of Law
Winter 2011 International and Foreign Legal Research Syllabus (.pdf)

Assignments, Quizzes and Final Exams

Introductory and General
Kearney Assignment – Evaluating Information (.doc)
Exercise – Scavenger Hunt (.doc)
Kimbrough Exercise – Basic legal research skills (.doc) (with model answers)
Exercise – FCIL print materials (.doc) (with model answers)
Exercise – FCIL electronic databases (.doc) (with model answers)
Exercise – FCIL internet research (.doc) (with model answers)
Rodriguez & Emerson Exercise – International and Foreign Law (.pdf)
Shea Assignment – Diagnostic (.doc) (with guide answers and learning objectives)
European Union
Capps Assignment – European Union (.doc)
Class Exercise – European Union (.doc)
McArthur Assignment – European Union/Regional Organizations (.doc)
Shea Assignment – European Union (.doc)
Foreign & Comparative
Capps Assignment – Foreign Law (.doc)
Class Exercise – Foreign law (.doc)
Peoples Assignment – Foreign Legal Research (.doc)
Shea Assignment – UK and Foreign Legal Research (.doc)
Sturgeon Exercise – Foreign Law (.pdf)
IGO’s & NGO’s
Capps Assignment – International Organizations/United Nations (.doc)
Class Exercise – International Organizations/United Nations (.doc)
Kimbrough Exercise – ICJ and other IGOs (.doc) (with model answers)
Shea Assignment – International Organizations (.doc)
Public International Law
Capps Assignment – International Judicial Decisions and Customary Law (.doc)
Assignment – Treaty Research (.doc)
Class Exercise – International Cases (.doc)
Class Exercise – Treaties (.doc)
Kearney Assignment – Basic Treaty Information (.doc)
Assignment – Travaux/Legislative History (.doc)
Assignment – Treaty Research/Travaux/Legislative History (.doc)
Exercise – Treaty Citation (.doc)
Exercise – Treaty Searching (.doc)
Exercise – Treaties/Customary International Law (.doc)
Kimbrough Exercise – International Law (.doc) (with model answers)
Exercise – Non-treaty International Law (.doc) (with model answers)
Shea Assignment – Public International Law – US Sources
Assignment – Public International Law – Multilateral Treaties and Foreign Sources
Sturgeon Exercise – International Law (.pdf)
Private International Law
Capps Assignment – Private International law (.doc)
Class Exercise – Private International Law (.doc)
Kearney Assignment – Private International Law/EU (.doc)
Exercise – Private International Law (.doc)
Shea Assignment – Transnational and Private International Law (.doc)
Stand-alone Modules
Shea Assignment – Foreign and International Law (.doc) (given in a 3-credit general ALR class)
Final Exams and Projects
Capps Final Project – Transnational Legal Research (.pdf)
Kearney Presentation – International Organizations (.pdf)
Presentation – Multi-Jurisdictional Resources (.pdf)
Kimbrough Final Exam (.doc)
Legal Research Guide Assignment (.doc)
Student Presentations (.doc)
McArthur Final Project – International Legal Research (.doc)
Shea Final Research Plan (with example)(.doc)
Research Plan tips (.ppt)
Grading Rubric for Research Plan (.doc)

Handouts, Lecture Notes and Research Guides

Introductory, General
Mehlhorn Script – Foreign and International Legal Research (.doc)
Rumsey Script – First class (.doc)
Shea Script – First class (.doc)
European Union
Davis Research Guide – Starting Points for European Union research (LibGuide)
Mehlhorn Handout – European Union law (.doc)
Rehberg Research Guide – European Union Research (LibGuide)
Foreign & Comparative
Davis Research Guide – English Legal Sources Available Through BLS Library (LibGuide)
Shea Handout – Foreign and Comparative Legal Research (stand-alone) (.doc)
Szymczak Research Guide – Starting Points for Foreign Law Research (LibGuide)
Human Rights
Davis Research Guide – International Refugee Law: Sources To Support Directed Study Participants & HKRAC Interns (LibGuide)
International Trade
Mehlhorn Research Guide – NAFTA (PBworks)
Rehberg Research Guide – WTO and GATT Research (LibGuide)
Public International Law
Davis Research Guide – Treaty Research Guide (LibGuide)
Hart Research Guide – Treaties (LibGuide)
Shea Handout – International Law (stand-alone) (.doc)
Tashbrook Script – Treaties (.doc)

PowerPoint Presentations

Introductory, General
Burnett FCIL Reference Tools and Secondary Sources (.ppt)
Internet Research (.ppt)
Rumsey Evaluating Web Sources (.ppt)
Internet Research(.ppt)
European Union
Allison Introduction to the EU (.pptx)
Burnett EU legal research (.ppt)
Louis-Jacques Religious Freedom in the EU (.pptx)
Rumsey EU legal research (.ppt)
Shea Researching EU Information (.ppt)
Foreign & Comparative
Burnett Foreign Legal Research (.ppt)
Klovning Researching the Law of a Foreign Country: Online Resources (.ppt)
Foreign Legal Research Survival Skills for Global Law Review Students (.ppt)
Mehlhorn German Court System (Slideshare)
Peoples Chinese Legal System (Google Doc pdf)
Civil Law and the Mexican Legal System (Google Doc pdf)
Rumsey Foreign Law (.ppt)
Shea Foreign and Comparative Law (.ppt)
Civil Law (.ppt)
UK and Commonwealth Legal Research (.ppt)
Irish Legal Research (.ppt)
Human Rights
Hart UNHuman Rights System (Adobe Presenter)
Rumsey Human Rights (.ppt)
IGO’s & NGO’s
Burnett International Organizations (.ppt)
Shea IGOs and NGOs (.ppt)
United Nations (.ppt)
International Trade
Rumsey International Trade (.ppt)
Shea International Trade (.ppt)
Private International Law
Rumsey International Litigation (.ppt)
Shea Private International Law (.ppt)
Public International Law
Burnett Public International Law (.ppt)
Rumsey Non-treaty sources of International Law (.ppt)
Treaties (.ppt)
Shea Public International Law – US Sources (.ppt)
Public International Law – Multilateral and Foreign sources (.ppt)
Other Topics
Davis Topic Selection/Development for FCIL journal members (LibGuide)
Hart Immigration Law (Adobe Presenter)
International Environmental Law (Adobe Presenter)
Klovning War Crime Tribunal Seminar: Legal Research Strategies (.ppt)
Rumsey Intellectual Property (.ppt)
Stand-alone Modules
Gualtier Researching Foreign, Comparative and International Law (.ppt) (given within an ALR class)
Klovning Researching International Legal Issues (.ppt)
Mehlhorn Foreign and International Legal Research (Slideshare)
Shea Researching Foreign and Comparative Law (.ppt) (given within a 3-credit ALR class)
International Legal Research (.ppt) (given within a 3-credit ALR class)