Spirit of the FCIL-SIS Award

The Spirit of the FCIL-SIS Award is presented each year to members whose work furthers our mission, serves the entire FCIL-SIS, and inspires other to act.


Individuals may nominate themselves or others. Nominees must be a member of the Section, active or retired. Nominations may be submitted by any Section member.

All nominations must include:

  • A letter of nomination, including the candidate’s full name, title, and institution name and address. (If the candidate is retired, include name, home address, and most recent former employer);
  • A narrative supporting the nomination, including a discussion of the candidate’s contributions to the Section;
  • The name, e-mail address and phone number of the nominating party.

Current Executive Committee members are ineligible for nomination.

The award will be presented periodically at the discretion of the Executive Committee. There is no requirement that the award be given at any particular interval.


All nominations must be received by March 31 of the year in which the award may be made. If an award is given, it will be awarded at the Annual Meeting.

Past Recipients

Year Recipients
2018 Loren Turner
2017 Yemisi Dina and Thomas Mills
2016 Sherry Leysen, Evelyn Ma, and Alyson Drake
2015 Susan Gualtier, Jootaek “Juice” Lee, Joan Policastri¬†
2014 Julienne Grant, Ryan Harrington, Jim Hart, and Carmen Valero
2013 Kristina Alayan, Gabriela Femenia, and Deborah Schander
2012 Jonathan Pratter and Alison Shea
2011 Laura Cadra, Amy Emerson, Don Ford, Wiltrud Harms, and Jean Wenger
2010 Lucie Olejnikova, Linda Tashbook, and Mark Engsberg
2009 Christopher O’Byrne, Mabel Shaw, and Tom Kimbrough
2008 Bill McCloy, David McFadden, and Mary Sexton
2007 Victor Essien and Heidi Kuehl
2005 Lyonette Louis-Jacques (bio)
2004 Marie-Louise “Malo” Bernal – Special Assistant to the Law Librarian, Law Library of Congress, Herb Somers (bio)
2003 Mila Rush – University of Minnesota Law Library
2002 Marci Hoffman (bio), Jill Watson (bio), and Mirela Roznovschi (bio)
2001 Anne Burnett (bio), Michael McCarthy (bio), Mary Rumsey (bio), Dennis Sears (bio), Mary Strouse, Victoria Szymczak (bio), and Stefanie Weigmann