FCIL Schaffer Grant Fundraising

FCIL-SIS gratefully acknowledges the generous contributions of many donors!

Despite valuable support from AALL, FCIL, vendors, and individual AALL members, the Grant Fund does not fully cover the cost of transportation, lodging, and food for grant recipients. Your tax-deductible donations can keep this valuable Grant alive. Read what past recipients have to say about the Grant and their experiences at the AALL Annual Meeting. Contributions should be sent directly to AALL. To contribute, visit the "Donate" portion of the AALL website and contribute online, or fill out and send in the form from the AALL website. Make your check payable to “AALL” or “American Association of Law Libraries;” please write “Schaffer Grant” in the “For”/”Note” portion of the check. Checks together with completed forms may be mailed to:

105 West Adams St.,
Suite 3300
Chicago, IL 60603.

AALL is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, and these contributions may be tax-deductible.

Current Committee Members

Sherry Leysen, Chair, Fowler School of Law at Chapman University
Jennifer Allison, Harvard Law School
Dan Wade, Yale Law School

Past Committee Members

James Hart, University of Cincinnati School of Law
Sarah Ryan, Yale Law School
Daniel Donohue, University of Houston Law Library
Lucie Olejnikova, Yale Law School
Laura Cadra, Loyola Law School Library, Los Angeles
Amy Emerson, Cornell University Law Library
Mary Strouse, Catholic University of America
Barbara Bean, Michigan State University College of Law
Tom Kimbrough, Southern Methodist University
Jonathan Franklin, University of Washington
Ellen Schaffer, retired

ROLL OF DONORS (2008 – 2018)

Luis Acosta
Kristina J. Alayan
Jennifer Allison
Donna Bausch
Barbara Bean
Irene Berkey
Joan Birman
Sidney Bludman
Anne Burnett
Margaret Butler
Charlotte Bynum
Laura Cadra
Kurt Carroll
Michelle Cosby
Sarah Cox
Yemisi Dina
Andrew Dorchak
Amy Emerson
Mark Estes
Cynthia Fellows
Gabriela Femenia
Amy Flick
Marisol Floren
Donald Ford
Jonathan Franklin

Vicky Gannon
Lenore Glanz
Maxine Grosshan
James Hart
Ryan Harrington
Paula Hoffman
Sarah (Sally) Holterhoff
Mary A. Hotchkiss
Gloria Orrego-Hoyos
Darla Jackson
Timothy Kearley
Tom Kimbrough
Susan Kurtas
Sherry Leysen
Lyonette Louis-Jacques
Evelyn L. Ma
Kevin Marmion
Lynn McClelland
David McFadden
Teresa Miguel-Stearns
Donna Nixon
Rosemary Noona
Christopher O’Byrne
Lucie Olejnikova
Sarah Ryan
Jeanne Rehberg

Mary Rumsey
Sara Sampson
Miriam Sargon
Arundhati Satkalmi
Ellen Schaffer
Eileen Sears
Jennifer Selby
Mary Sexton
Alison Shea
Joan Sherer
Sergio Stone
Mary Strouse
Roy Sturgeon
Jane E. Thompson
Tracy L. Thompson
Steven Ray Thorpe
Loren Turner
Daniel Wade
Jean Wenger
Mary Whisner
Colleen C. Williams
John Wilson
Julian R. Winterton
Sally H. Wise
Judith Wright
Nongi Zhang

ROLL OF DONORS (2000 - 2007)

American Association of Law Libraries
Martinus Nijhoff, Inc. (Brill Co.)
Oceana Publications, Inc.
Thomson Legal & Regulatory, Inc.
William S. Hein & Co.
Mary Ann Archer
Barbara Bean
Anne Burnett
Adam Candeub
Kathleen Carrick
Jean Davis

James Duggan
Susan Fox
Maxine Grosshans
Robert Hu
Lyonette Louis-Jacques
Mary Rumsey
Ellen Schaffer
Mary Sexton
Mary Strouse
Roy Sturgeon
Dan Wade