Committees & Groups

Committees & Interest Groups


Committee/Group Contact Resources
African Law Interest Group Yemisi Dina, Chair (2022-2024) Current Project: Repository of African Primary Source Holdings in Print (for details see the African Law IG page)
Appointments Committee Anne Burnett, Chair (2023-2025)
Asian Law Interest Group Sherry Xin Chen, Chair (2021-2023) Current Project: Legal Responses to Covid-19 (for details see the Asian Law IG page)
Continuing Education Committee Caitlin Hunter, Chair (2021-2024) Continuing Education Events Archives
Customary and Religious Law Interest Group Hans Herzl-Betz, Chair (2023-2025)
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Sue Silverman, Chair (2023-2025)
Executive Committee Mike McArthur, Chair (2023-2024) Bylaws and Officers
European Law Interest Group Anahit Petrosyan, Chair (2023-2025)
Education Committee Caitlin Hunter, Co-Chair (2023-2024), Dennis Sears, Co-Chair Articles for Considering a Career in FCIL Law Librarianship
Electronic Research Interest Group Noreen Farley, Chair (2023-2025) Introducing ERIG’s Current & New Projects
FCIL Schaffer Grant for Foreign Law Librarians – Selection Committee Joseph Hinger, Chair (2023-2025) Grant Information
FCIL Schaffer Grant for Foreign Law Librarians – Fundraising Committee Sherry Leysen, Chair (2022-2024) Fundraising Information: Past Winners
Foreign Law Selectors Interest Group Alison Shea, Co-Chair (2023-2025), Lucie Olejnikova, Co-Chair (2023-2025) Foreign Law Selectors: Sample Collection Profiles
Indigenous Peoples Law Interest Group Julienne Grant, Chair (2021-2023) Electronic Resources Guide and Program Handout and Blog from AALL Denver, 2010; Wiki, 2014
International Visits Committee David McFadden, Chair (2022-2024) Internships & Exchanges website
Latin American Law Interest Group Juan Andrés Fuentes, Chair (2021-2024) Latin American Journals and Serials (updated 2023)
Nominating Committee Laura Cadra, Chair (2022-2024)
Newsletter Janet Kearney, Editor (2022-2024), Carmen Valero, Copy Editor FCIL-SIS Newsletter
Publicity Committee Meredith Capps, Co-Chair (2022-2024), Devan Orr, Co-Chair (2023-2025) DipLawMatic Dialogues – FCIL Related Blog
Roman Law Interest Group Paul Moorman, Chair (2022-2024)
Strategic Planning Committee (2022-2025) Heidi Frostestad Kuehl, Chair Strategic Plans

Members: Sergio StoneLucie OlejnikovaKerry LohmeierJunior Browne, Sabrina SondhiSherry Xin ChenMark Engsberg

Teaching Foreign & International Legal Research Interest Group Noreen Farley, Chair (2023-2025) FCIL Syllabi and Course Materials database
Website Committee Charlotte Daugherty, Co-Chair (2023-2025) and Lucie Olejnikova, Co-Chair (2022-2024) FCIL-SIS Website

Task Forces


Task Force Contact Members
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force (2020-2021) Errol Adams and Dennis Prieto, Co-Chairs Melissa Abernathy; Erin GowAamir Abdullah
Bylaws Task Force (2015-17) David McFadden, Chair Kristina Alayan, Kenton Brice, Jason Blevins
Summit 2017 – Austin Thomas Mills, Chair Luis Acosta, Susan Gualtier, Steven Thorpe, Kelly Vinopal, Jean Wenger