Membership Committee


The mission of the LSRD-SIS Membership Committee is to recruit new members, retain existing members, encourage diversity, and raise awareness about the importance of diversity in the LSRD-SIS.

Committee Selection, Size, and Reporting

The Membership Committee shall be composed of a Chair and at least two members. The Membership Committee Chair is appointed by the LSRD-SIS Chair.  As membership dues are submitted to and paid by the LSRD-SIS Treasure/Secretary, a person in this role is always a member of the Committee. The Committee Chair reports to the LSRD-SIS Chair.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • As a committee member, the Treasure/Secretary submits a listing of new members to the Chair
  • The Committee Chair welcomes new members via email by sending a Welcome Letter and introduces new members at meetings
  • The Committee Chair provides the Membership Volunteer Form and the mission statement to new members
  • The Committee Chair adds names of new members to the LSRD-SIS Community
  • The Committee Chair provides the Membership Committee annual report to the LSRD-SIS Chair before the LSRD-SIS Business meeting held at the AALL Annual meetings
  • The Committee members analyze the membership interests and needs through the biannual survey conducted by the Vice Chair to improve service and to meet professional growth needs of the membership
  • The committee members seek and identify new members at AALL functions, local chapter functions and, whenever possible, library schools in their respective states
  • The committee members contact lapsed members to encourage them to return by showing the value of being a LSRD-SIS member


The Membership Committee meets throughout the year, as deemed necessary by the Chair, to hold business and promote collegiality, and always meets once during an AALL Annual Meeting.