Technical Services Law Librarian (TSLL)

2009 Revision

  • Technical Services Law Librarian or TSLL is the quarterly newsletter of the Library Systems & Resource Discovery SIS and the Technical Services SIS.
  • All LSRD-SIS members automatically receive the newsletter as a benefit of membership.
  • A “Message from the Chair” column containing SIS news, announcements, etc. should be submitted for each issue. Publication deadlines are listed in each issue, as well as on the TSLL website.
  • LSRD-SIS committee chairs are also encouraged to write articles concerning the work of their committee.
  • Two representatives from the LSRD-SIS serve on the TSLL Advisory Board. Each serves a two-year term, receiving their initial appointment in alternate years. The Advisory Board meets at least once during the AALL Annual Meeting and may be consulted by the TSLL editor and LSRD-SIS Chair during the year.
  • The Chair should work with the TSLL Advisory Board Representatives to monitor changes in the TSLL newsletter and give feedback to the editor.