Web Policy

  • The LSRD-SIS website is an essential resource for disseminating information about the section in a widely accessible and timely manner
  • The primary focus of the website is the LSRD-SIS itself and is not intended to serve as a portal to a wide range of library automation resources. Any change in the scope of the website must be approved by the LSRD-SIS Executive Board
  • Content providers (LSRD-SIS Chair, Executive Committee, and Committee Chairs) are responsible for periodic updates to their materials and for informing the webmaster of changes that are needed to text or links
  • The LSRD-SIS Chair is responsible for publicizing the site to LSRD-SIS members periodically, at least twice a year
  • New or revised content should be provided to the webmaster in electronic format
  • Whenever possible, the webmaster will be notified in advance if time-critical content is to be added to the website
  • The site will be designed in such a way that advanced skills are not required to maintain it


The webmaster is appointed by the incoming LSRD-SIS chair to serve a 2-year term, which is renewable.

  • Coordinates with the LSRD-SIS Chair and Web Advisory Committee on the development of the web site
  • Chair the LSRD-SIS Web Advisory Committee
  • Works with LSRD-SIS content providers (Chair, Executive Committee and Committee Chairs) as appropriate to develop and maintain content sections, including additions, revisions and deletions
  • Coordinate or perform periodic updates to the website at least monthly
  • At least annually, work with the LSRD-SIS Chair and Web Advisory Committee to evaluate and remove any LSRDolete or outdated material
  • Submit to the LSRD-SIS Chair a brief annual report summarizing the activity of the Web Advisory Committee and the work on the website for each year
  • Attend the forum meeting that AALL organizes for association webmasters, held during the AALL annual meeting
  • Desired Qualifications:
    • Experience with and knowledge of HTML coding
    • Knowledge of an FTP program or the file transfer components of HTML editors
    • Knowledge of file management, creating directories, etc.
    • Good organizational skills; ability to perform periodic website updates in a timely fashion
    • Familiarity with LSRD-SIS structure
  • Web Advisory Committee:
    • Advises the Webmaster regarding web site design issues
    • May be assigned by the Webmaster to serve as liaison to one of the LSRD-SIS content providers
    • Will assist the Webmaster in performing link checking and periodic system updates
    • Knowledge of web site design issues and familiarity with HTML coding helpful