LSRD-SIS Procedures Manual

2019 Revision

The LSRD-SIS Vice-Chair is elected for three years, serving first as Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, followed by Chair and finally Past Chair. This officer is installed as LSRD Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect at the end of the LSRD-SIS Business meeting at the AALL Annual Meeting.

  • Serves as a member of the LSRD-SIS Executive Board.
  • Attends AALL SIS Leadership Workshop immediately after election and again following year when officially Vice-Chair.
  • Attends SIS Council with Chair.
  • Becomes member of the LSRD-SIS Education Committee immediately upon election. Becomes Chair of the Education Committee in October, coordinates planning and submission of program proposals for the following year.
  • Presides over the LSRD-SIS Education Committee meeting during the AALL Annual Meeting.
  • Conducts the biennial “membership survey” to solicit ideas for program proposals and workshops, and asks for volunteers to serve as LSRD officers or committee members; in non-membership survey years solicits volunteers separately.
  • Compiles results of the annual membership survey, shares report with LSRD-SIS Executive Board and submits it for publication in TSLL.
  • Uses list of members that have volunteered to serve on a committee in making committee appointments. Notifies all appointed committee members of their selection for a one-year term in writing.
  • Submits list of members that have volunteered to serve as officers to the LSRD-SIS Chair who then conveys them to the Nominating Committee.
  • Appoints one new member each year to represent LSRD-SIS on the TSLL Editorial Board for a two-year term.
  • Prepares the agenda and presides over the incoming Executive Board meeting immediately after being installed as Chair during the Business meeting.