Sample Committee Appointment Letter

May 26, 1998

Dear _________:

Thank you for responding to this year’s LSRD-SIS survey. I am grateful for all of the input I received and for the willingness of so many members to volunteer for LSRD committees. In accordance with your expression of interest, I am happy to appoint you to the Local Systems Committee.

This year the Local Systems Committee will meet during the annual convention in Anaheim on Wednesday, July 15, from 7:30-8:30 a.m. If you will be in Anaheim I hope you will plan on attending. For exact details on meeting location, see your registration packet. The chair of the Local Systems Committee is Phyllis Post; if you have any specific comments or suggestions regarding the Anaheim meeting, please contact Phyllis. If you are unable to be in Anaheim, you will be hearing from her later in the Summer.

LSRD-SIS and its committees have been very active over the last several years. I hope that in 1998-99 we will be just as active, and I look forward to the various programs and projects we will all work on together. Thank you for your participation.


Jack Bissett
Chair, LSRD-SIS, 1998-99

cc: Phyllis C. Post, Chair, LSRD-SIS Local Systems Committee