Sample Election Announcement for LSRD Election

2009 Revision


I am pleased to report that we have our slate of candidates for LSRD for this year. We need to thank the Nomination Committee (Susan Goldner, Pat Callahan, and Janet Hedin) for all their work, and thank you to these individuals for agreeing to stand for election.

Kathy Faust (Lewis and Clark)
Mila Rush (University of Minnesota)

Amy Moberly (California Western)
Karen Selden (University of Colorado)

Keiko Okuhara (University of Hawaii)
Sara Repinski (University of South Carolina)

In accordance with our bylaws, additional nominations “may be made upon the written petition of five (5) section members.” The bylaws state that these petitions, with the written consent of the nominee, need to be filed with the Secretary/Treasurer. Please inform our current Secretary/Treasurer (Mary Strouse) if you plan to submit any additional nominations.

Watch for an email detailing voting procedure and links to the candidates’ information.

–Michael Maben, LSRD Chair